The Essential Apps For Engaged Sports Fans

The Essential Apps For Engaged Sports Fans

It’s now suggested that almost 84% of the world’s population have access to or use a smartphone, with everyone using their devices for different things.

There’s an app for almost every purpose, highlighted by experts at the Learn Hub who say there are 32 different categories of apps on the Google Play Store and 24 available for those who use Apple. Across these listings, there are around 6 million apps, so it is fair to say that no matter what your hobby or interest, users will find the right ones for them.

Sport is one of the most popular categories, as fans of teams, organizations, and sporting stars are all looking to stay informed of the latest developments in their preferred activity. Some may want general sporting news, while others may look for expert football opinion. Why did the quarterback run the ball on the last play? Who is winning at the Winter Olympics? The stat-loving soccer fans may want to know how many goals a team has scored previously against their next opponents.

The choices are massive, so we will recommend some quality apps for sports fans to stay close to their favorite hobby.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

If you love nothing more than creating your team to take on friends and family in a fantasy league, this app is for you. This app from Yahoo! allows users to play fantasy leagues across basketball, baseball, football, and hockey all in one place. You can manage your roster of players, participate in mock drafts, and more. What’s good is that even those new to the world of fantasy sports can get involved, as the app features expert analysis to help you set up your first dream lineup.


The Flashscore app keeps you right up to date with the latest scores across 30 different sports from soccer to cricket and more as it covers around 6,000 sporting events in real-time. Not only is it helpful for those waiting to see if they score the opening goal, maybe you’re keeping in touch with a game and fancy adding an extra layer of intrigue into their day. Some sports fans like to place wagers, even on games not involving their favorites. For instance, the live odds from Coral often include soccer competitions such as the Finnish Liiga Cup and Algerian Under 21 division; those are not the games you can follow on a standard website. Therefore, a live scores app such as Flashscore ensures you don’t miss that game-defining moment which could also signal a win of a different kind.


This app allows you to stay in touch with all the sports news 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning you’re always updated with the latest developments in the sporting world. Having the latest information on injuries or the return of key players could affect those wishing to place a wager, or even if you’re going to watch the game at all. The extra bonus here is that users with an ESPN subscription can also watch all the events or shows broadcast on the channel that you’d typically only see through your cable provider. at Bat

This app is a homerun for any baseball fans; it’s packed with stats and information from schedules, the latest scores, and even coverage of the winter meetings. Game archives and highlights are available during the offseason to get you pumped for the first pitch, and in addition, users can choose to receive live updates regarding the latest news.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report keeps users in the loop when it comes to sports news. You’ll find it covered here no matter what your sport of choice. You can customize the app to get the information from your club or sport of choice first, or you can choose just to take in all the latest news as it breaks. The team at Bleacher Report stands out from the regular sports media as they offer opinionated articles and detailed analysis, so if you want that little bit of extra research ahead of the game, you’re in the right place.


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