In case if you don’t know who is Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen Los Angeles

In case if you don’t know who is Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen Los Angeles, then you should know that he is a former American agent and a current American sports executive as well.

Born in 1974, the person is currently the General Manager of the New York Mets team, playing in the Major League Baseball.

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen Los Angeles
Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen – Source: NY Post

He had also earlier employed as a CAA or Creative Artists Agency and also the co-head of the CAA Sports baseball division. Brodie grew up in California, and graduated from Standford University with a bachelor’s degree in communication, during the year He also played as a right fielder in the Stanford Cardinal Baseball team as well, only during 1993 and 1994.

But, recently, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is making huge headlines due to his commitment towards the New York Mets and also take the New York’s iconic baseball park – Citi Field – to a whole new level. But his journey wasn’t so easy when he started his career in 1996, with the Chicago Red Bulls Championship team. During that time, his age was only 20, and he worked as a member of the management team.

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen Los Angeles
Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen – Source: NY Post

But, as time progressed, he also started taking advantages of his opportunities as well. During the time, when he was the co-head of the Creative Artists Agency’s baseball division, he was known to negotiate over $1.25 billion in overall guaranteed contracts, and even more than $100 million in overall deals for endorsements. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen mostly negotiated with top-class brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, etcetera.

The contribution of Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen did not end there at all when he planned to join the New York Mets. During the year 20016, he was responsible for aiding New York Mets outfielder, Yoenis Cespedes with the best contract in the history of any outfielder – with an amount of $75 million for just a three-year deal. He was also responsible for making the business part of the New York Mets profits too as well, raking in more than $2.5 billion of deals in total, from a commercial business point of view. He also is envisioning a total turn-around for the New York Mets, after the 2018 season finish by the New York Mets, that was totally uninspiring.

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen. Source: NY Post
Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen – Los Angeles

Ken Rosenthall, who is an MLB Reporter and a close follower of Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen, said that Brodie will again make the New York Mets and the Citi Field a fortress again, in terms of overall performance – in which he will be playing an important tenure in improving the skills of the team, since he has already had the game experience as an agent.

With this mindset and relevant results, it will make his overall worth as well as popularity increase as well. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen still believes in imparting growth and all kinds of advancements to his team. And with a brilliant history of success, this guy has nothing to prove, and can easily continue his winning streak in the 2019 season, with the New York Mets.


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