The Developers Of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, Are Using The Law To Find Leakers

The Developers Of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, Are Using The Law To Find Leakers:

With any big game, there will be leaks. When hundreds of people are working on a game, it’s almost impossible to make sure nothing gets missed. Because of this, things like release dates, screenshots, and at times full demos of games end up on the internet despite the best efforts of game publishers.

Since Genshin Impact is a “live-service” game that gets big content updates every couple of months, this is nothing new for it. Now, it seems to be looking into how to stop this practice legally.

MiHoYo can’t be blamed for not wanting to let people know about upcoming releases, but taking legal action could hurt their public relations. Many people in the comments on Stephen Totilo’s Tweet have already said they don’t like how the company is acting.

For those who see leaks as harmless speculation about the future of the game, this could be seen as unfair. But there may be some legal recourse if this information is being leaked from test builds, which would break a tester’s agreement with the company to keep the information secret.

Genshin Impact leakers have been sued by HoYoverse more than once, with the most recent case being a subpoena to Twitter. This time, three people who leaked information from that platform are being watched.

  • @merlin_impact
  • @GenshlnWorld
  • @Xwides

Leakers that HoYoverse has gone after in the past have found a lot of Genshin Impact content. Those who have been paying attention to the news lately must understand that HoYoverse has sued.

  • Ubatcha
  • Linxian#0001
  • L.J.#8200
  • M9G#3656
  • rice cooker#9289

Video Game Leaks Are A Typical Annoyance:

Leaks have become a common irritation in the video game industry, as well as miHoYo’s lawsuit isn’t the first time a developer or publisher has gone to court to try to stop people from spreading spoilers online.

Back in 2019, the Pokemon Company tried to get subpoenas for Discord and 4Chan to find out who leaked information about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Eventually, two people had to pay damages of $150,000 each.

Epic Games Also Went To Court Against A UX Tester:

Epic Games also went to court against a UX tester who leaked information about Fortnite Chapter 2 because he broke a non-disclosure agreement.

Based on what HoYoverse did, it’s likely that the creators of Genshin Impact will try to make an example out of the Twitter leakers if they find out who they are in real life.

Mihoyo Has Shut Down Leaks In Past:

It’s not the first time that miHoYo has shut down leaks that were getting out of hand. At the end of last year, the company sent more subpoenas to Discord to find out who another well-known leaker was.

Before that, it had done the same thing to Reddit to stop the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit from doing its job. The outcome of miHoYo’s legal actions hasn’t been seen yet, but Genshin leakers should watch their backs in the future because it’s clear that the company means business.


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