Content Roadmap For Wild Hearts

Content Roadmap For Wild Hearts:

Wild Hearts is an action role-playing game like Monster Hunter that was made by the Japanese company Omega Force and published by EA. The game takes place in feudal Japan, and there are a lot of big areas to explore. You will become an unnamed hunter and go after Kemono, which are big monsters in the world of Azuma.

With eight different types of weapons to choose from and the Karakuri system that lets players make items to help them in battle, Wild Hearts’ early access & subsequent launch have won the hearts of many players.

Even though most players may not finish the game’s main campaign for a while, the developers have already told us what we can expect in the way of updates in March of this year. Monster Hunter and other games like it have more than enough room in the video game industry. In more than one way, Wild Hearts is proud to be just this kind of game.

Monster Hunter’s commitment to adding new content after the game comes out is one of the reasons why its recent games have done so well. Capcom has always added free updates with new monsters, weapons, & events to both Monster Hunter World & Monster Hunter Rise.

Omega Force Planing To Do Free Content Updates Like Monster Hunter:

In a letter to people who might play Wild Hearts, Omega Force said that it plans to do free content updates like Monster Hunter. That starts with the March release of Wild Hearts’ first major content update.

The Hellfire Laharback as well as the Grim-stalker are two new Kemono that will be added in the March update. The first is a Deeply Volatile Kemono that is “especially fierce.” The second is a new wolf-type Kemono that is a subspecies of the Death-stalker.

Developer Adding Some New Kemono In Game:

The hunt is still going on. Volatile Kemono would be added to the game as content that comes after the main scenario. When you beat them, you’ll get rare crafting materials and Keystones, which are a new type of item that will be added in the update.

But beware the developers have said that “taking down such a creature would be a challenge unlike any you’ve seen in Azuma so far,” so you should definitely want to be ready before taking on this challenge.

If You Have Enough Keystone You’ll Be Able To Fight With Volatile Kemono:

If you get enough Keystones, you’ll be able to fight the Deeply Volatile Kemono, an even tougher enemy. If you win a hunt, you’ll get one of the most rare and powerful Talismans in the game. The developers have also said that “only the most skilled hunters dare take them on alone,” so many players will probably get their first clears in groups.

In Addition, There Will Be New Kemono Added To The Game:

Hellfire Laharback gets a new quest & talisman when it comes out.
Grim-stalker is related to the Death-stalker, and this new Kemono’s release will have a new quest and a few new weapons and armour with a similar theme.

Omega Force Intends To Introduce Major Features To Wild Hearts Monthly:

Omega Force plans to keep adding big new features to Wild Hearts every month in the future. Already, we know that April will have a new Deeply Volatile Kemono, a completely new Kemono, more weapon & armor variations, a new Karakuri, as well as a new way to improve weapons and armor. As soon as they are ready, more information will be shared about the April update and the planned connect for later this year.


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