The Dental Experience Podcast hosted by Ryan Vet – Renewed for Season 2

Summary: The popular dental podcast hosted by national speaker and author, Ryan Vet, is renewed for Season 2 and is featuring more all-star guests.

(Reuters) Durham. U.S. – After a successful first season, The Dental Experience Podcast has officially been renewed for a second season. Reaching thousands of listeners across 26 different countries in Season One, host Ryan Vet is bringing the dental community an exciting new line-up of guests to talk about how to create experiences worth sharing both in your personal and professional life.

The first episode of Season Two aired this past Monday, April 22, 2019 with a top 10 reading list for this year. Twenty-one more episodes are scheduled this season with all-star guests covering topics from finance to marketing, personal style to relationships in the dental practice and more. New episodes are scheduled to be released every Monday.

Among the season two guests are some of dentistry’s most notable dental speakers, consultants and innovators including Dentistry’s Image Expert, Janice Hurley who stated, “Ryan knows the value of both connection and confidence. He scores high on the likability and professionalism meter. It was an honor to be on his show”.  

This season is expanding beyond just practice tips, but is focusing more holistically on tips for all dental professionals in and out of the practice. Kevin Henry, co-founder of IgniteDA shared his wisdom and insights with dental assistants in an episode. Kevin remarks, “I always enjoy talking to Ryan and sharing insights within the dental industry. He does an excellent job leading the discussion on the podcast and I’m excited to share my thoughts on dental assistants and the key roles they play with his audience.” 

In keeping with the trend of allowing dental professionals to advance their careers in and outside of the practice, Ryan Vet hosted Vanessa Emerson. As the founder of the Dental Speaker Institute and the Dental Speakers Bureau, Vanessa shared her insights with individuals looking to pursue careers in speaking and consulting in dentristy. After the recording of her episode she shared, “Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest on The Dental Podcast! Ryan is a true professional. The experience was a delight and very well orchestrated from beginning to end!”

The dental podcast is designed to be educational and well-rounded, providing insight into various topics in dentistry. Ryan had Trina Felber, the CEO Primal Life Organics on the show to discuss the oral-systemic link. In this episode, some of the newest trends in oral care products were discussed. “Good health starts inside your mouth,” Trian explains. “Controlling the bacteria and toxin levels in your mouths is not only important for keeping your oral cavities healthy, but is also important for whole body health. A healthy mouth is a simple switch from antiseptic oral products to natural ingredients that support your mouth microbiome…On my episode, you will learn how to change your health by starting inside your mouth.”

As in season one, season two has fun asides and random factoids. Jeff Gladnick, the CEO of Great Dental Websites not only chats about how to make sure your dental practice is set-up for maximum success online, he also shares how he flew his family from the USA to Australia in first class…for free! He shares his secret with the listners. Reflecting on his interview Jeff comments, “I enjoyed being on Ryan’s podcast, he is a great host and has created a very educational and entertaining show.”

“Recording Season Two has been a blast and I cannot wait for you all to hear the exciting things we have in store.” says Ryan Vet. 

The Dental Experience Podcast is available on all major streaming platforms including but not limited to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify and on

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