The Forgotten East: New Adventurous Pop-up Exhibit Debuts In NYC Presenting Main Street of Ancient China

(Reuters) New York, U.S. – The new adventurous and interactive pop-up exhibit The Forgotten East will debut to NYC on May 4th, 2019 at 310 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013. This exhibit re-establishes the glamor of the main street of ancient China, and generates a mystery of new adventure to the audience; artists utilize silk, fabric, and plaster to demonstrate the prosperity of markets and the craftsmanship of Mogao Caves.

The Forgotten East plans to open from May 4, 2019, to July 28, 2019, featuring four rooms: the mountain, the desert, the cave, and the market. Participants start in an eastern mountain in a Chinese landscape painting, visit Mogao caves to find the meaning of this adventure, walk in a windy desert surrounded by treasures, and arrive at the eastern market as the destination. Furthermore, the participants will be rewarded after they must have completed the whole trial. The entire experience makes The Forgotten East a fun place to explore, and not just an exhibit.

Masa Ma, the artist of The Forgotten East, is inspired by the Silk Road, which is the mother road of ancient China; the Silk Road built up the relationship between the east and the west. Masa said she established the exhibit not only because she wants to represent the main street of ancient China, but also wants to bring back the memories, relaxation and the beautiful natural society in ancient times, where industrialization does not exist. Living in modern cities like New York and Beijing was stressful but challenging to most people. Masa created this amazing place to remind her audience that it’s time to slow down and enjoy their life in the river of history.

The Mountain, as the beginning of the journey, was initiated from a Chinese painting in the Ming Dynasty, Silk Road Landscape Map. It is a significant piece in Asian history that recorded the past glory of the Silk Road, and painted stunning natural views in ancient China. The artists use Chinese calligraphy on the silk as the decorations on the wall, and let the crane flies over the mountain, to make the audience feel like they are staying in a painting.

The Desert, one of the scenes in the exhibit, is the most explorative place in the adventure. Jewelry, china, and silk were abandoned here. Even a skull was also buried in the sands. All these were left by travelers and adventurers in the desert centuries ago. It was easy to imagine what they have experienced at that time. This scene recalls a brutal history during the old days, and presents the ancient east in a vivid way to the participants.

“The Forgotten East is not only an exhibit about eastern culture, but it is a journey that represents travelers and adventurers’ courage to conquer challenges and reach their final destination to the western world.” Stated by Fengyuan Zhong, another artist of the exhibit.

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