The Best New Outfits In Horizon Forbidden West

The Best New Outfits In Horizon Forbidden West:

Horizon: Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC adds a few new clothes for Aloy that not only make her look better but also have a big effect on her stats.

Some of the great clothes in the game are these ones. This is better than a thing in Forbidden West, so this article shows you the best new outfits in the Burning Shores DLC that you should buy right away.

As with most games with fighting, picking the right gear can make a huge difference in Horizon Forbidden West, especially when playing on a harder challenge setting.

In The Burning Shores, where most of the machines Aloy faces are the stronger Apex versions, it’s even more important to pick the best clothes.

What Are The Most Stylish New Clothes?

Each of the new outfits in the Burning Shores DLC is ideal for a certain way of playing. We’ve listed all the new clothes below, along with the best builds as well as play styles for each one.

All of them can be bought with Brim-shine, so you’ll have to go out into the Burning Shores to seek out as much of it as you can. Utilize our Brim shine location plan to show you where to look for them so you can get enough to improve them.

Nora Lookout:

The Nora Lookout Outfit was a surprise for people who bought Horizon Zero Dawn early, but it’s back with the Burning Shores DLC.

This set is excellent for anyone who loves to keep Aloy’s health up and fights defensively by dropping shields as well as dodging attacks. Here are the most important facts about it:

  • +2 Medicine Capacity
  • +1 Potent Medicine
  • +1 Potion Proficiency
  • +1 Low Health Regen

Quen Deadeye:

The Quen Deadeye Costume is for people who are good at sneaking up on machines and killing them before they even know you’re there.

It does help you focus a little, but it’s mostly for sneaky builds that don’t want to wake up enemies. This is what you need if you like to sneak around and take out a bunch of machines without anyone seeing you. Here are the basic numbers:

  • +2 Low Profile
  • +1 Stealth Ranged+
  • +1 Stealth Tear+
  • +1 Concentration+

Quen Marine:

The Quen Marine Uniform is great for people who are used to moving quietly and hitting enemies from a distance. It says it’s for warriors, but in practice it works best for hunter builds.

We’ve been using it to play through Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, as well as it’s great.

This is the attire to wear if you like lining up precise shots by focusing. With the right coils and improvements, you can make it feel like you can concentrate for 120 seconds longer. Here are the basic numbers:

  • +2 Concentration+
  • +1 Deep Concentration
  • +1 Concentration Regen
  • +1 Stamina Regen

Quen Commander:

Aloy wears the Quen Commander Outfit in all of the movies that were made before the Burning Shores DLC came out. It’s being advertised as the new fighter class outfit, which means it’s made for people who like to fight close up.

If your build is focused on weapons like trip-casters as well as warrior bows, this is probably the best outfit for you. It has the following base stats, which may be improved:

  • +2 Energized Duration
  • +1 Resonator Buildup
  • +1 Resonator Blast+
  • +1 Resonator Damage


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