How To Finish Heaven And Earth Horizon Forbidden West

How To Finish Heaven And Earth Horizon Forbidden West:

Heaven as well as Earth is the 2nd main quest in the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. It takes you deeper into the new area to find out what the new main bad guy wants.

This guide tells you how to finish the Heaven as well as Earth quest, what the door code is, as well as how to utilize the ballista’s to move forward when you can’t get anywhere else.

The Heaven And Earth Quest Guide:

We’ve broken down how to finish the Heaven and Earth mission into steps that are easy to understand. You can read it at your own rate, or you can scroll down till you find where you’re stuck and need a tip to help you move on.

Get Up On The Cliffs:

When you start the Heaven and Earth quest, you will fly Aloy as well as Seyka to a beach where it looks like some of the lost Quen have been. There is also some moonshine under a bridge nearby.

Use our position guide for Brimshine to locate the exact spot. Before you can climb the hill to follow their tracks, you’ll have to look everywhere and study a few things.

When you get to the top of the hill, you’ll see what looks like a building yard with stairs built into the rocks. But these stairs are too far apart for you to use them.

Here is where you need to begin using the ballista to put new climbing pegs within the walls between the ladders. You only need to put up two ballistas. The first one goes between the ladders at the bottom of the hills, and the second one goes between the ladders at the top.

After you’ve climbed those ladders, you’ll find another road with a useless ladder on it. This time, you’ll have to get Seyka to utilize the lift to bring up another ballista. Then, have Aloy set up a new rising point so that the two of them can move into this base.

Check Out The Ruins:

For access inside this old wreck, you have to climb the ladder as well as force open the door. You’ll find data points, tools, and a big rocket engine that, luckily, never worked.

If this thing were turned on, it would radiate the Earth for a thousand miles around. This makes you wonder why your Zenith foe was here within the first place.

If you keep looking around, you’ll find a gap where your wreck has been divided in half by geological action. There is lava everywhere, and a few robots have made it inside.

Seyka will use a nearby ballista to make a place for Aloy to jump across, but Clamber jaws will be waiting for you at this point. Seyka can shoot pretty well and can assist you win the fight.

Now, Seyka needs a way to get up there. Utilise the ballista over you to give her new ways to get to you. Once she’s halfway up, more Clamber jaws will show up, and you’ll need to make use of the ballista to help Seyka support you as she does.

When you’ve killed all of them, make a couple more climbing points on the right side of the gap so Seyka can climb all the way to the top and you can follow her.

Open The Door To Find Out What’s Going On:

Take your time exploring from here on out, because Data points has some interesting story points to pick up on. If you look in every box in every room, you will also discover the famous Blastsling Skyhammer. This is a powerful tool that you should use right away.

In the middle of this wreck, there is a room with a huge screen. It shows Earth on top as well as the rest of the planets, including Pluto, on the bottom.

This room also has a locked door that needs a code to open. You have to look through the models’ logs to find the right numbers for the code. Below, we describe what the code is as well as how to figure it out.

What Is The Door Code For Heaven And Earth?

In the Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, the door code for the Heaven and Earth quest is 3285. To figure this out, you must pay attention to all 4 recordings that Seyka discovers and match them up with the right years in the hologram image.

Then, you put each year in the order it appears in Seyka’s voice logs and look for its asteroid entry. This will provide you 2 numbers, so you need to figure out which one was the most important. We’ve written out the years and told you what the numbers mean below.

  • 2050 – 3 is the mission number.
  • 2054 – 2 is the number of millions of tons of Platinum the asteroid holds.
  • 2061 – 8 is the number of miners who died.
  • 2056 – 5 is the number of years it will take to strip the asteroid of Cobalt.

Inside this room, you’ll learn how your Zenith enemy utilized Quen to dig into the wreck to obtain the rocket engine plans he needed. There is also a Kill-zone Easter egg for people who know how to look for things from the past.

Get Out By fighting:

As you leave the wreck, you’ll see a tower sending a signal to somewhere else within the area. Aloy as well as Seyka require that signal, but they can’t get it until they get rid of a group of flying machines.

Here, you have to deal with Glint hawks and Sun wings, so use that new Blast sling to make quick work of them. If you’re not quick, the Sun wings can do plasma damage that will kill Aloy.

Turn off the signal at the base of the tower, and the Heaven as well as Earth task will be done. Seyka gets angry with Aloy here, and it’s clear that both of them like each other a little more than as hunting buddies, but their secrets are keeping them apart for now.

Seyka will go back to Fleet’s End, where the following main story quest will be waiting for you when you’re ready. You should also do The Splinter Within, if you haven’t already, to get one of the best costumes from the DLC.


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