The Best Apps for Keeping You Entertained on the Go

Your phone is an entertainment center in your pocket. You no longer have the excuse of saying you are bored when you can have a world of fun content wherever you go. Scrolling through social media can be fun, but there are only so many times you can react to a Tweet or watch entertaining cat videos. It doesn’t have to be like this. Now that phones have great screen resolutions and access to fast data connections, there are so many choices.

Watching TV Shows and Movies

There is an excellent choice of apps available. The best known is undoubtedly Netflix, the original streaming platform offering thousands of documentaries, movies, and original series like Stranger Things in high quality. The great thing about this app is that you can watch what you want without the ads. You do have to pay a monthly subscription. It also allows you to download content, so you can still be entertained if you are going somewhere without a decent connection.

Hot on Netflix’s heels is Disney+, and it has enormous amounts of content like Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. It also has all the Disney shows and films, of course. It has less content than Netflix but is a cheaper option.

Amazon also has Prime, which offers impressive streaming services for a subscription as well as allowing next-day delivery on shopping orders and music streaming services – so a good all-rounder. However, if you are looking for a non-subscription option and do not mind having to watch some ads, then Tubi is the top free entertainment app – it is the largest content app that you can legally watch for free.

Gaming and Learning

Gaming is where apps come into their own, particularly if you are looking for something that just keeps you entertained for a short while and does not need the long attention span that is required to watch a film. There are some excellent options for quick entertainment, like Angry Birds or Subway Surfer. Google Play Games has thousands of games to choose from, many of which do not require installation, and there is a choice of free and paid-for games.

For people who like more in-depth gameplay, an Xbox games pass will give you access to a massive range of games to play on your Android or iPhone without even turning on your Xbox. The games can all be accessed through the cloud and have been optimized for playing on a mobile device.

If you like to have a bit of a flutter with your gaming, the online casinos have loads of games optimized for play on mobile devices and a wide selection of game-specific / casino-specific apps. So whether you prefer trying out your luck on the mobile fruit machines or beating the dealer in a game of Twenty-One or roulette, there is plenty of gaming to while away some time.

There are many self-improvement and learning apps to choose from, but if you want to be entertained while learning, you could do worse than trying out the language app Duo Lingo. This app has been designed to feel like more of a game than a classroom, but you can hone some language skills at the same time. Duo Lingo is full of challenges and leagues and encourages players to find friends with whom to learn.

Music, Podcasts and Audiobooks

 Before phones had good quality screens, audio was the dominant entertainment choice for mobile devices. The range of apps is as wide as the genres of music or styles of podcasts you can imagine. The top options must be Spotify and Audible because they have staggering amounts of content. If you want to explore newer bands, do not forget to check out SoundCloud, and for the adventurous, Radio Garden will allow you to listen to live broadcast radio anywhere around the world; just spin the globe and see where the music takes you.


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