Did you love The Sandman? Netflix unveils 2 bonus episodes

The Sandman is currently the most-watched event series on Netflix. The series, whose origin story contains elements of Calliope, A dream of a thousand cats, Dream of a summer nightet Façade tells the story of a wizard who tries to kidnap death to negotiate eternal life.

Except the Wizard ends up capturing the Lord of Dreams instead – whom he hides in a bottle for centuries. The Lord of Dreams, also known as Morpheus, eventually escapes – and tries to find all of his objects of power in order to restore balance between the dream world and the waking world.

Netflix: The Sandman is entitled to two bonus episodes

The Sandman series, produced by Allan Heinberg, is based on the series of eponymous graphic novels published between 1989 and 1996 by DC Comics. It has been available since August 5, 2022 and has 10 episodes. Given the success of season 1, a second season is being written, and it is likely that Netflix will confirm its production soon.

But in the meantime, if you’ve already devoured the first 10 episodes, know that Netflix just delighted fans on Friday by putting two new episodes online on Netflix – or at least a bonus episode in two parts called “Calliope”et “A Dream of a Thousand Cats”.

Both episodes are based on an original story from the comics. The second episode, in particular, is animated. The first episode, Calliope, tells the story of a muse who tries to escape after being captured. While the second immerses us in the kingdom of cats, when they fall asleep and plunge into their world of dreams.

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To access this two-part bonus episode, nothing could be simpler. Netflix has just added this episode following the original 10 episodes of The Sandman: open Netflix, go to the series episode list and select episode 11. Both episodes are contained in episode 11 as a bonus. A real visual slap, especially the animated second part – in addition to being a great surprise for fans of the season.



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