The 10% Off eBay Discount Code Promo Which Slashes Prices, Ends On Thursday 28th March

eBay always provide good deals on their website and this new phenomenon includes the March Pay Day Sales, which has been launched by eBay UK on 25th March 2019. This offer includes a 10 per cent off coupon, which is applicable on any purchase above 20 UK Pounds, up to a maximum discount of 50 UK Pounds. This means, that, if you buy a product worth 500 UK Pounds, the discount will be 50 UK Pounds. And this offer runs until Thursday, 28th of March 2019 up to 11:59 PM.

The 10 percent eBay discount coupon or voucher code is – ‘PAYDAYMAR’

This coupon should be used during checkout, and this comes at a perfect time to buy some really cool gifts for your mother, during the UK Mother’s Day, that will be held on Sunday, 31st of March, 2019.

This 10 percent off discount coupon will be applicable on products only from selective retailers, that includes brands such as Crampton and Moore, Envirophone, musicMagpie, Audio Tech Direct, FKA Brands, Hughes, Foot Asylum Outlet, and many other known brands as well. All these retailers have participated in this discount coupon sale and the customer will get his or her discount on the products sold by these retailers.

There are also many other top electronic products and gadget picks made by eBay, on which the discount coupon can be applied as well. This includes the 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Television from Samsung, the Acer Chromebook that comes loaded with 2GB RAM and 32 GB ROM or storage. The discount coupon code also can be applied to various refurbished Apple products
as well. So, in case you’re willing to buy a new iPhone or gift it to your mother, this is the perfect time for it. The refurbished Apple products include MacBooks, iPads and iPhones.

Amazon also joined hands with eBay in this sale as well, selling their Echo Dot 2 smart home speaker for about 27 UK Pounds, after deducting the discount coupon. If you’re not a fan of the Echo Dot 2 and Alexa, then you can get the discounted Sony LF-S50G Bluetooth Speaker, with the Google Assistant built-in.

Browsing through the products that are currently applicable for the discount sale can be found via the main sale page and selecting categories, or looking at the eBay Top Picks for an electronic product. But before you proceed to buy any product from eBay and spend your hard earned money, you should always check the specific seller ratings and reviews. This is because sellers on eBay sometimes prove to fake and thereby scam people. Especially with refurbished products, this check is mandatory. You have look at tags that say, ‘Certified Refurbished’, as you can be sure that the products are tested rigorously and therefore are guaranteed to work just like new products. Hopefully, with the help of this article guide, you can find the best deal on eBay and buy the products you always have craved for.


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