Jointer Brings Improved Access to Real Estate and Tokenization just like WeWork did to Office Space

Improved access through a new platform, set Jointer apart from the current tokenization solutions. Jointer can tokenize unlimited amounts of commercial real estate assets simultaneously while providing increased access to the commercial real estate market.

Profits are generated by purchasing and selling property performance with the funds of an investor group that benefits from the improved access. Similarly (but in a different vertical) WeWork generates returns by providing access to premier office spaces while generating profits from the spread between master leases and subleases.

Jointer utilized $2.5 million in funding to develop the platform necessary to give everyone access to the commercial real estate market. The current platform is powerful enough to support a $1.5 billion offer on the Chrysler building.

Access currently surrounding real estate tokenization and security is restricted and limited. Currently, only investors that can afford large minimums and are accredited investors can participate in tokenization opportunities produced by real estate assets. High minimums result from regulations limiting investor numbers and how current approaches to tokenizes attempt to comply with these regulations. Unfortunately, these approaches benefit Wall Street investors and do not improve access to commercial estate assets for all.

Jointer aims to benefit main street investors. Those will zero knowledge in commercial real estate. Jointer tokens are available to every investor not just accredited investors. Jointer will offer tokens for $1, creating a new standard for debt tokens and the tokenization of assets.


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