The 10 Best Monsters To Hunt In The Monster Hunter Games

The 10 Best Monsters To Hunt In The Monster Hunter Games:

Monster Hunter has been around for a long time. It started on the PlayStation 2 and now has new games for the PlayStation 5 and other systems.

No matter what platforms this long-running franchise is on or which version of Monster Hunter they use, the real stars of the game are always the big monsters. This guide will list the top ten most fun monsters to chase in the Monster Hunter games.

Monster Hunter Rising trend has a huge number of different monsters that make the number of enemies in other games look small. From rank one to rank 7, the monsters we meet in the area around Kamura village are very different in terms of how hard they are to hunt and how much fun they will be.

Ten Most Enjoyable Monsters To Hunt:

There are hundreds of different monsters in the Monster Hunter games, even more when you count all of the different types of each monster. This list will go from the least enjoyable monster to hunt in all Monster Hunter games to the most enjoyable monster to hunt.

Great Jagras:

Great Jagras is a big iguana that every player meets when they start Monster Hunter World. Even though the Monster Hunter series has been around for a long time, Monster Hunter World changed the way monster hunting was done and gave many fans their first real monster hunting experience.

Great Jagras is a great fight for new players. It looks cool, teaches how the game works, has a decent set of armor, and is a sign that there will be more big, dangerous monsters to hunt in the future.


The Aknosom are very protective of their territory and are likely to attack anyone who wanders onto it. They are fun to hunt for novice hunters in Kamura.

You should be mindful of the fire attacks the Aknosom are known for and be ready for them. Be ready to dodge as well, since it uses a rush move & aerial attacks to kill hunters as well as other large monsters. The Aknosom can’t fly when it’s being ridden, so it acts like a normal ground monster when it’s being ridden.


Monster Hunter World introduced many new monsters, including the poisonous Pukei-Pukei, which is fun to learn about and kill. Pukei-Pukei is the first true beast which can poison you and teaches you how to deal with status effects over the course of a long fight.

This animal can also have its tail cut off, which is always exciting to do during a long, poisonous fight. Pukei-Pukei is also easy to remember because of how it looks, and it has been in many Monster Hunter games since.


Hunters who aren’t ready can have a hard time with the thick-skinned Basarios. Get some antidotes & energy drinks in case this monster poisons you or puts you to sleep. Its attacks are very slow but very powerful, so it’s ideal to bring a weapon that can move, like an insect glaive.

It’s a fun fight because you have to chip away at its defenses and afterwards throw everything you’ve got at it. To get through its defenses, you need a gun with green durability, because the tough skin of the monster makes all other sharper levels useless.


The Khezu is a strange-looking monster that everyone will remember after their first hunt, whether they play Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Stories.

Even though it looks simple, it’s quite dangerous, which makes it scary and misleading. Khezu can do shock damage, and it’s fun to learn its patterns and put it down no regardless of how many times it finally returns up.

Khezu can do shock damage, and it’s fun to learn its patterns and put it down no regardless of how many times it finally returns up.

Blood Orange Bishaten:

Blood Orange Bishaten are very dangerous foes that can throw explosive fruit & breathe fire when they are angry. Even the most experienced hunter can have trouble taking them down.

Unlike the cream-colored and blue-colored versions, the orange sub-variant likes to fight hunters with its deadly fire breath. They can stand on their tails & throw their explosive, signature fruits, which do a lot of damage.

These Bishaten are also ready to use a spin attack that does a lot of damage and stuns people nearby. Their large number of moves makes fights with them very chaotic and hard to control, even for a full team of hunters. However, this only makes the fights more fun.


Nergigante made its first appearance in Monster Hunter World and is a tough boss at the end of the game. The thick armour and huge horns of Nergigante make it seem like Capcom was trying to make a monster version of Akuma.

This creature has a lot in common with the master of the dark hadou. Nergigante is a tough opponent, and your fights with it will be some of the most memorable in the game.

When you finally kill it, it gives you a sense of satisfaction that is hard to match, and its weapons and armor are good enough to make you want to hunt it again.


This is a dangerous combination for even the most experienced hunters. This wolf-like creature was added in the Sunbreak DLC. When it is under heavy attack, it can cover itself in ice to protect itself from damage. It can also freeze foes with its breath attack. Aside from the ice attacks, the set of moves isn’t anything special.

Most of the fun comes from attempting to keep up with the Lunagaron & getting scared when ice hits you. Since the fire-blight debuff hurts the Lunagaron, you should be using weapons with fire element to kill it.


Diablos has been in the Monster Hunter series since the first game and therefore is regarded a legacy monster because it has been almost in every game since.

People often say that Diablos is the first real brick wall that teaches players how to tell the difference between a big animal and a powerful dragon.

Diablos has horns that make it stand out, and it can burrow underground & carry your whole team in just a few minutes. No matter how experienced you are, Diablos is a fun dragon to hunt because you have to learn how to beat it and how it attacks.


Mizutsune are leviathans that make a bubble bath that makes you weak and needs a cleanser to get rid of. The monster that makes bubbles is very easy to hurt with thunder attacks & shock traps. In this fight, you need to be able to handle water because many of the Mizutsune’s attacks cause waterblight.

For those who don’t understand, waterblight makes the hunter’s stamina recovery much slower, which makes the fight harder since the monster’s attacks often require quick movement. It’s a very fun fight because the Mizutsune seems like a joke at first because it blows bubbles, but it can quickly show that it’s not.


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