Tears Of The Kingdom The Great Fairy Fountain Map And Cost

Tears Of The Kingdom The Great Fairy Fountain Map And Cost:

You might think that within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it will be easy to find all of the Great Fairy Fountains. After all, not a lot of places have changed. But if you go to any of the of the four homes from Breath of the Wild, you’re going to be in for a treat.

After the Upheaval, the four Great Fairies went into hiding. Now, each of them calls a different place “home.” Plus, they’ve been spooked away, so you have to lure them out so you can talk to them as well as finally, get better armor.

Even though it’s easy to find all of the Great Fairy Fountains within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there are a lot of extra steps to take if you want to talk to the Great Fairies.

Get ready to do side tasks, explore every part of Hyrule, and bring back together a famous music group.

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, players can improve their gear in a lot of ways, thanks to skills like “Fuse” and the different sets of clothing in the world of Hyrule.

With the return of the Great Fairy Fountains, players will be able to improve their protection, just like in Breath of the Wild.

Location Of Every Great Fairy Fountain:

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are a total four Great Fairy Fountains. Each one is near a stable. As soon as you talk to the initial fairy, she will put in where the other three are on your map.

But until then, you’ll have to go to one of the four places on your own to start the search.

Remember that you can get upgrades after helping at least a single of the Great Fairies. Each piece of gear that can be used has its own parts and rupee fee.

But if you’d like to improve your defense even more, you’ll need to talk to the following fairies. So, as you find each fairy, the different levels of improvement you can use go up until you’ve found all four.

On a separate page, we walk you through how to improve your protection and break down how the system works.

  • Great Fairy Mija ⇒ northeast of Rito Village.
  • Great Fairy Cotera ⇒ northwest of East Necluda.
  • Great Fairy Tera ⇒ northeast of the Castle Ruins.
  • Great Fairy Kaysa ⇒ southwest of Lookout Landing.

As was already said, you’ll need to go through some hoops before you can talk to the Great Fairies to enhance your protection. You won’t be able to use the Great Fairy Fountains right away.

Instead, you need to finish a number of side quests that have to do with The Stable Trotters, a group of musicians who are presently missing.

The first two members of the singing group can be found at the Woodland Stable within Eldin Canyon located at coordinates 1046, 1145, 0022, which is west of Pico Pond as well as northeast of Crenel Hills.

They will say that the only people who are able to hear their story are the people who read the Lucky Clover Gazette, which serves as a newspaper. So you have to go out to discover them.

The Lucky Clover Gazette is at -3251, 1772, 0118, which is on a farm with the exact same name east of Rito Village. If this is your first opportunity to see them, go inside and talk to Traysi.

After getting some information, you’ll start the “Potential Princess Sightings!” side quest, which includes all of Hyrule’s horses. This gives the Lucky Clover Gazette the perfect chance to meet the singing group when they come back to Woodland Stable to keep singing.

How To Get Tera’s Great Fairy:

The first fairy that you’ll learn about is the Great Fairy Tera. You also have to awaken her before you can get to the remaining three Great Fairies.

You will discover Tera northeast of Woodland Stable at the Military Training Camp, just south of the Lost Woods, which you can’t get to from the outside. In our guide, you can learn how to get to the Lost Woods as well as the Korok Forest.

Before you start, turn on the near Ekochiu Shrine so you can return here quickly if you need to. Then talk to Penn, who is having a conversation with two members of a band called the Stable Trotters. This will start the Serenade to a Great Fairy Side Adventure.

How To Get Great Fairy Mija:

Mija is hiding in South Tabantha Snowfield, just north of Snowfield Stable. This place is pretty dangerous, and to the northwest is an Ice cave, so be careful if you go wandering here.

Be sure to turn on the Orochium Shrine as well. This happens to be one of the more confusing shrines in the game. If you get stuck, check out our advice on how to solve the Orochium Shrine.

Pikida Stonegrove, high up the Hebra Mountains, is the closest place to the Skyview Tower. If you’re coming from Woodland Stable, you might have already passed Thyphlo Ruins.

Mastro and Violynne will be there again. Talk to them for the Serenade to Mija Side Quest. They will additionally inform you that Mija loves the sound of the horn the most.

But the Stable Trotter doesn’t have a bell. You will be able to start the Serenade for Mija Side Quest. To move forward with this quest, you need to finish the side quest The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape.

How To Get Into The Great Fairy Cotera:

Most likely, the subsequent Fairy you meet will be Cotera. She can be find south of Duelling Peaks Stable, which is, as you might guess, located east of Duelling Peaks within the Necluda region. Make sure you turn on the nearby shrine, which in this case is Eshos Shrine.

Again, you’re going to hear the band singing on stage. Ask them about Cotera and her love of drums to learn more about her. But, guess what? The fairy can’t hear anything because the drummer isn’t there.

This is how you can get the Serenade to Cotera Side Quest. You need to finish the Honey, Bee Mine sub quest in order to finish this quest.

How To Make Great Fairy Kaysa Available:

The last Fairy we opened was Kaysa, who was northwest of Outskirt Stable and atop a fairly high mountain. Here, turn on the Tsutsu-um Shrine before you go anywhere else. The stable was southwest of Lookout Landing, as well as you’ll probably pass it on your way to Gerudo Desert.

When you talk to the group here, they’ll grant you the Serenade for Kaysa Side Adventure. But Kaysa likes how the flute sounds, as well as the group’s flute player isn’t in action. The Flute Player’s Plan Extra Adventure comes into play here.

How To Get Into Great Fairy Fountains:

In contrast to Breath of the Wild, you have to do a side quest to unlock every one of the Great Fairies. Some players have discovered that they require to go to the Lucky Clover Gazette to begin these quests, but we’re not sure.

If the Giant Fairy tasks don’t show up for you, go to Rito Village to have that taken care of first. Then you can work on the tasks.


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