A Complete Guide To Every Gleeok Battle Strategy And Location In Tears Of The Kingdom

A Complete Guide To Every Gleeok Battle Strategy And Location In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a number of monsters that are enormous, intimidating, and challenging; yet, few of these adversaries have such heartwarming origin stories and nerve-racking challenges as the Gleeoks.

In terms of both preparation and actual fighting, you will have your job cut for you since there are a total of four enemies that must be located and vanquished.

A number of Breath of the Wild’s essential and fan-favorite components have been carried over into Tears of the Kingdom.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assert that the game does not offer anything novel to the table. Or, in this particular instance, resurrect something from an even more ancient term.

Players will face an adversary throughout Tears of the Kingdom that is much more dangerous than Lynels, and they are called Gleeoks. Link will take damage from these three-headed dragons in the form of electricity, cold, and fire until the player either defeats them or gives up in frustration.

This guide describes what Gleeoks have been, how to defeat them, & lists every site where they may be battled and slain. It also explains how to defeat them.

Because of the complexity of these battles, you shouldn’t even consider engaging in one of them unless you’ve made some headway in the game.

Be sure to stock up on arrows, protect your elementally fused materials, hand over whatever Blessings of Light you have, and say a prayer to the Goddess Hylia so you can emerge from these battles with just a little bit of breath still in your lungs.

Every Single Gleeok Location:

The following table provides a rundown of all the many kinds of Gleeok that adventurers may meet while traversing Hyrule throughout Tears of the Kingdom.

The precise location of each of them is also provided, in addition to the different vulnerabilities that each have, which players need to capitalize on if they’re going to have any chance of defeating these foes in battle.

Name Thunder Gleeok Flame Gleeok Frost Gleeok
Element Thunder Fire Ice
Weakness Wind Ice Fire
Locations Coliseum Ruins – -1152, -1261, 0046 Bridge of Hylia – -0040, -2508, 0039 Gerudo Summit – -4018, -0967, 0707
Ibara Butte – 1106, -3603, 0069 Gerudo Canyon – -2118, -2634, 0400 Hebra Mountains – -3744, 2892, 0331
South Akkala Highlands – 3424, 1324, 0337 Ancient Columns – -3631, 0416, 0259 Tabanath Tundra – -1826, 2997, 0240

King Gleeok’s Locations Are As Follows:

Because every one of these three heads represents a different substance, King Gleeoks are far more dangerous than normal Gleeoks. In order to take out this beast, players must come prepared to cope with elements of fire, ice, and lightning.

Name King Gleeok
Element Fire, Frost, & Lightning
Weakness Each head is weak to a different element. Fire is weak to Water, Frost is weak to Fire, and Lightning is weak to Wind.
Locations West Hebra Sky Archipelago = -4470, 2175, 1252
Above Eventide Island = 4652, -3827, 1065
East Gerudo Sky Archipelago = -4474, 2282, 1246


Strategies For Defeating Gleeoks:

Gleeoks are enormous opponents that resemble hydras and tower above Link. The majority of gamers that come across Gleeoks won’t be able to defeat them until much later throughout the game due to the fact that they are so difficult to defeat.

When Link does come across a Gleeok, the most effective tactic for combating them is to escape their long-range strikes by flying over or within their heads before using arrows to strike at their heads.

Constructing a flying machine out of Zonai Devices is proving to be a fruitful tactic, as seen by its adoption by a number of different players.

They will outfit a Zonai Wing including Zonai Heads, Beam Emitters, Cannons, as well as Fans, and then circle the Gleeok while firing their own cannons and fans wherever they have the chance.

Players may make the battle simpler for themselves by gliding approaching a Gleeok and then aiming alongside element arrows which the Gleeok was vulnerable to. This will maximize the damage that is inflicted with these early strikes.

It is also beneficial to equip the appropriate gear for each Gleeok in order to prevent taking as little damage as possible. For example, fire-resistant armor should be worn by a Flame Gleeok, while frost-resistant armor should be worn by a Frost Gleeok.

When all three heads of the Gleeok are immediately shot, it will be dazed and collapse to the the surface, where Link may attack it with the most powerful weapon. It is necessary to continue using this method until the Gleeok is completely vanquished.


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