Stars To Lead Us And Unlocking Simba In Disney Dream Light Valley

Stars To Lead Us And Unlocking Simba In Disney Dream Light Valley:

Pride of the Valley adds new quests, items, as well as characters to Disney Dream light Valley. Simba and Nala from The Lion King are among the new characters.

You’ll first be able to access Nala as well as her home at Pride Rock. To get Simba to join her, you’ll have to go back to the Lion King Realm as well as finish an extra set of quests. Here’s everything you need to do to finish the Stars to Guide Us questline as well as welcome Simba to the valley.

The Disney Dream light Valley Pride of the Valley update added rides, recipes, and brand-new characters, among other things.

One of these is the legendary Simba, who came with Nala through a realm. These characters aren’t as easy to get as Scar, so you’ll have to do a few quests before you can use them.

After you finish the long quest “Eyes in the Dark” to bring Nala back to the valley, “Stars to Guide Us,” Simba’s unlocking quest, will start on its own. Once the quest starts, you must fulfill the following things to make Simba’s return to the valley official.

How To Get Stars To Help Us Find Our Way:

To get Simba in Disney Dream light Valley, you must first finish the Eyes in the Dark quest and bring Nala there. After you finish this quest, the Stars to Guide Us quest will start on its own. When you finish that quest, Simba will be properly unlocked.

How To Do The Stars To Guide Us Quest:

Once you’ve finished Eyes in the Dark, Nala’s questline, and invited her to Dream light Valley, a new questline called Stars to Guide Us will open up for you automatically.

When you finish this new set of quests, Simba will also come to the valley to join you. For the first quest, you have to go back to the Lion King Realm and talk to Simba. You can quickly get back to the realm, where Simba is waiting in the lush jungle area.

Step 1:

When you reach the jungle in the Lion King Realm, you’ll discover Simba at the conclusion of the path, past the log you lowered for Nala’s quest line.

He tells you a little about his father as well as what he said about kings from the past looking down on him from the stars. He would love for the stars to tell him what to do, but the skies in the realm have always been cloudy.

Step 2:

Go back to the Dream light Valley and talk to Merlin regarding ways to clear the skies in the Lion King Realm. He can give you advice and ideas. He says that making something from Simba’s past will help him remember and get rid of the fog that covers the stars.

Step 3:

Simba had said before that a wise baboon’s walking stick had given him a bit of advice in the past.

You decide that making this stick would then help him, so go to any crafting station where you’ll discover a new recipe. You’ll need the following things to make Rafiki’s walking stick:

  1. 5x Softwood
  2. 5x Fiber
  3. 2x Purified Night Shard

Step 4:

Once you have made Rafiki’s Walking Stick, go back to Simba inside the Lion King Realm and use Rafiki’s Walking Stick on the stone that is in front of him. This will clear the sky and then let you move on to the next part of your quest.

Step 5:

Now that the clouds are gone, Simba decides it’s time to turn the dry Oasis back into the beautiful, lush place it used to be.

He will tell you to dig up plants in the realm’s lush jungle area to get three different kinds of seeds: Jungle Fern Seed, Waterfall Plant Seed, as well as Cleaning Tree Seed.

The plants you need to dig up are shiny, but some of them are hidden and hard to find. When you have all of the seeds, you should go back to Simba.

Step 6:

Once you have all the seeds, you should go back to Simba. He will tell you to plant them all over the dry Oasis.

You can plant these seeds anywhere you want, using your trusty shovel like you would any other seeds. When you go back to Simba, you’ll be given the last part of this quest.

Step 7:

Instead of using your watering can to water the seeds, Simba wants you to clear a path for a river that used to flow into the oasis but no longer does. Go to the edge of the oasis, where there is a large bone ribcage, and use your shovel to break the rock below it.

This will get rid of the blockage so that the river can flow back into the oasis, bringing life back to the area. Simba will join you inside the Dream light Valley if you talk to him again.


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