Disney Parks Star Path Guide Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Parks Star Path Guide Disney Dream light Valley:

Disney Dream light Valley lets players go on a magical adventure through different Disney-inspired worlds, where they can make friends with well-known characters and find lots of cool things to decorate their character as well as the world around them.

The Pride of the Valley update to the game adds a brand-new system called the Star Path, which is similar to a Battle Pass. Players complete different tasks to earn a special currency as well as unlock event-only rewards.

This new Star Path has a “Disney Parks” theme as well as brand-new rewards that fans of Disney Parks will love, like items that look like famous rides as well as treats from Disney World as well as other parks.

In Disney’s Dream light Valley, What Is The Star Path?

The Star Path is like a Battle Pass in Disney Dream light Valley. It lets players buy tokens or do tasks to unleash exclusive objects like décor, clothing, motifs, as well as companions.

Dream light Valley added the Disney Parks Star Path when the Pride of the Valley update came out. This path has content inspired by the different eras of Disney Parks, such as fresh decorations, iconic park attractions, Disney Park outfits, and more.

This guide goes over details, tasks, as well as rewards in Disney Parks Star Path as well as Disney Dream light Valley.

Dream light Valley And The Star Path At Disney Parks:

From April 5, 2023, until May 16, 2023, you can walk the Disney Parks Star Path throughout Disney Dream light Valley. All players can use the regular Star Path as well as all 18 of its rewards for free.

Moonstones are the in-game currency that can be used to unlock a premium version of the Star Path with an extra 24 exclusive rewards. Here’s everything you require to know about Disney Dream light Valley’s Disney Parks Star Path.

How To Open The Centennial Star Path:

When you have a sufficient number of these tickets, you can use them to unlock special items inside the Star Path.

The Disney Parks Star Path can be reached by starting the game menu as well as clicking the “Star Path” tab. You’ll have automatic access to the Star Path, which has three basic tasks and rewards.

Moonstones are the game’s premium currency. They are able to unleash the Premium Star Path, that also provides you with access to more tasks as well as special rewards. Find the blue chest hidden within the valley to get 50 moonstones every day.

How The Premium Star Path Works:

There are two ways to play Star Paths: the free version and the paid version.

Free Star Path Premium Star Path
Cost: Free Cost: 2,500 Moonstones or 3,300 Moonstones with 100 Tickets
Three Slots of Duties Three Additional Slots of Duties
Three Slots of Rewards on each Star Path page Four Additional Rewards on each Star Page

As a result, if you unlock the Premium Star Path, you’ll be able to get even more different styles and special furniture for your village.

How To Get Star Path Premium And Its Benefits:

For 2500 moonstones, users could indeed purchase the Premium Star Path, which gives you access to an extra row of three available jobs, for a total of six jobs, and lets you exchange event tokens for Premium-only rewards, such as, and this is important.

The Star Path has most of the furniture rewards. Alternatively, you can pay 3300 moonstones to unlock the Premium Star Path and also get 100 event tokens right away.

Once you’ve reached the end of the Star Path and gotten all of the rewards from each of it’s own six tiers, a 7th tier opens up that lets you turn event tokens in to the moonstones right away.

You got 100 extra tokens when you bought this bundle, which you can trade in for 900 moonstones. This more than makes up for the extra cost. If you want to get all of the Star Path rewards, you will have to buy each of the Premium Star Path enable options.

All Of Disney Dream light Valley’s Rewards:

On the Disney Parks Star Path throughout Disney Dream light Valley, you can buy 42 rewards.

Only 18 of these rewards are accessible on the regular Star Path. You can get the other 24 rewards by purchasing the Premium Star Path. For those who want to keep track, here is a list of the rewards for this star path, broken down by type.

Reward Type # of Rewards
Motif 16 (7 Premium-only)
Clothing 6 (4 Premium-only)
Face Paint 2 (1 Premium-only)
Furniture 8 (5 Premium-only)
Pet 1 (1 Premium-only)
Dream Style 2 (1 Premium-only)
Moonstone 6 (1 Premium-only)


Tier 1 Rewards And Costs

Reward Type Token Cost
Moonstone x100 Currency 10
Motif – “Figment” Motif 10
Motif – “Mickey Mouse Wand” Motif 10
Mickey Balloons Makeup Face Paint 15
Magical Balloon Bundle Furniture 40
Luminous Mickey Mouse Ears Clothing 30
Magical Squirrel Companion Pet 50


Tier 2 Rewards And Costs

Reward Type Token Cost
Moonstone x200 Currency 20
Motif – “Castle” Motif 10
Motif – “Monorail” Motif 10
Motif – “Tree of Life” Motif 10
“it’s a small world” Pillar Furniture 20
Mickey Mouse Bob Clothing 35
Magical Keepsake Cart Furniture 35


Tier 3 Rewards And Costs

Reward Type Token Cost
Moonstone x250 Currency 25
Motif – “Hollywood Tower Hotel” Motif 10
Motif – “Mickey Balloon” Motif 10
Mickey Freckles Makeup Face Paint 15
Pixar Pal-A-Round Furniture 30
Dreamlight Magic Band Clothing 30
Iron Park Bench Furniture 30


Tier 4 Rewards And Costs

Reward Type Token Cost
Moonstone x350 Currency 35
Motif – “it’s a small world” Motif 10
Motif – “Minnie Donut” Motif 10
Motif – “Dole Whip” Motif 10
Magical Tie-Dye Jersey Clothing 30
Mad Tea Party Furniture 30
Magical Recyclers Furniture 30


Tier 5 Rewards And Costs

Reward Type Token Cost
Moonstone x400 Currency 40
Motif – “Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar” Motif 10
Motif – “Turkey Leg” Motif 10
Motif – “Mickey Waffle” Motif 10
Magical Varsity Jacket Clothing 30
Ranger Donald Dream Style 50
Dreamlight Figment Topiary Furniture 40


Tier 6 Rewards And Costs

Reward Type Token Cost
Moonstone x610 Currency 60
Motif – “Under the Sea” Motif 10
Motif – “Epcot” Motif 10
Motif – “TRON Lightcycle” Motif 10
Waffle Bag Clothing 30
Dumbo the Flying Elephant Furniture 30
An Extremely Goofy Conductor Dream Style 50

All Dream light Valley Star Path Jobs At Disney Parks:

The Disney Parks Star Path asks players to do tasks related to an event, much like the regular Dream light tasks you already know. You may have to talk to a certain companion or serve them food at Chez Remy as part of these duties.

If you buy the Premium Star Path, you can do a maximum of three duties at once. When you finish one duty, a new one will become available. All Premium Star Path rewards, except for the moonstone rewards throughout Tier 7, can be bought with 1000 tokens.

Duty Task Required Quantity Token Reward
Remove Night Thorns 30 10
Pick Any Fruit 30 20
Go Mining with Mickey 20 (Minutes) 30
Start Discussions with Goofy 3 10
Put on Customized Mickey Ears 1 10
Give Merlin his Favorite Gifts 4 35
Go Fishing with Scrooge 25 (Catches) 30
Serve Customers in Chez Remy 3 15
Mine in the Plaza 15 20
Collect Star Coins 4,000 10
Pick Green Rising Penstemons 8 15
Complete Dream light Duties 10 15
Eat Waffles 10 20
Mine Shiny Garnets 2 25
Take a Photo with Mirabel 1 10
Give Ursula her Favorite Gifts 4 35
Sell Buñelos 10 20
Serve Customers in Chez Remy 5 20
Catch Shrimp 10 15
Collect Star Coins 8,000 10
Put on a Customized Backpack 1 10
Start Discussions with Donald 2 10
Give Kristoff his Favorite Gifts 5 35
Pick Up Garlic 30 15
Serve Customers in Chez Remy 5 20
Craft Green, Yellow and White Balloon Clusters 1 25
Mine Emeralds 10 20
Collect Star Coins 12,000 15
Complete Dream light Duties 15 20
Harvest Soya 20 15
Give Wonderland Cookies to Villagers 10 25
Hang Out with Villagers from Toy Story 60 30
Take a Photo with Donald 1 10
Give Elsa her Favorite Gifts 6 35
Go Mining with Scar 10 30
Craft a Fountain 1 25
Eat Pawpsicles 5 20
Collect Star Coins 16,000 15
Give Black Passion Lilies to Villagers 5 20
Sell Gooseberry Pies 10 25
Serve Customers in Chez Remy 8 25
Complete Dream light Duties 15 20
Take Photos with all the Villagers from Frozen 4 15
Hang Out with a Villager from The Lion King 60 30
Catch Anglerfish 5 20


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