Sons Of The Forest, How To Make A Time Bomb

Sons Of The Forest, How To Make A Time Bomb:

After almost a week in Sons of the Forest, things will start to get hard. The enemies will be stronger and you’ll see them more often than before.

They will even start coming to your base more often, so you should always be ready. In Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to learn how to make a Time Bomb, which can help you quickly wipe out large groups of enemies.

As the story goes on, coins are one of these things that you should try to get more of. The coins won’t be used as money in the game, but you can use them to make a few things. The Time Bomb is the most important of these.

How To Put Together A Time Bomb:

In Sons of the Forest, it’s not easy to make a Time Bomb because you need a lot of things. To make it, you’ll need the following things.

  1. One C4 brick
  2. One silver watch
  3. One circuit board
  4. One duct tape
  5. One wire
  6. Five coins

You can find these items as regular loot in different places on the map. You could also try to find them in the crates near the place where you crash when you start the game. You could also try going to different abandoned campsites, which are also full of treasure.

Once you have all of the things, access your inventory and put them one by one in the middle. When you’re done, click on the gear icon to put them together, and you’ll get a dangerous Time Bomb.

Don’t use the Time Bomb against a single enemy. Instead, save it for when you’re up against a group of cannibals. To use it, put the item from your inventory on your character and throw it at your targets.

The Time Bomb would then explode in about two seconds, hurting anyone who is in its blast radius. It can also hurt you, so as soon as you throw it, get back to a safe distance.

Also, don’t use it near your base, because if you have this option turned on, the blast could indeed damage structures. You don’t want it to dismantle the home you worked so hard to build, do you?

Getting Coins:

In Sons of the Forest, you need to look around the island and find Wood Crates in order to get coins. Most of the time, these are near cannibal camps or camps that have been left behind.

So, if you want to get them, you will have to battle your way in, since these places usually have some of the most difficult enemies.

On the map above, the spots of such crates will additionally be marked. So, the more you move thru these locations on the map, the more coins you would be able to get.

Making Time Bombs With Coins:

After collecting the coins, you can use them to make Time Bombs in Sons of the Forest. Since you can’t trade the resource, the only other way to use it is to make explosives.

To make a Time Bomb, you need at least 5 coins and a few other things. Here is a list of everything you require in Sons of the Forest to make Time Bombs.


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