How To Get All The One Punch Man Skins In Overwatch 2

How To Get All The One Punch Man Skins In Overwatch 2:

Overwatch 2’s partnership with the popular Japanese superhero One-Punch Man starts with a lot of collectibles to earn.

From March 7 to April 6, players can take part in a number of challenges to earn rewards and also visit the shop to buy some really cool One Punch Man-inspired skins and other items.

You can get four different skins, and they all fit the theme perfectly. This is the procedure for obtaining every One-Punch Man skin in Overwatch 2 during the event.

In an unlikely way, Blizzard Entertainment is putting your favorite characters from the manga One Punch Man into the video game Overwatch 2. The crossover starts today, March 7, and lasts until April 6.

It adds One Punch Man-themed challenges, skins, and other cosmetics to the multiplayer game, some of which are easy to earn. Here is all the information you need about the crossover.

How To Get Mumen Rider To Work:

This list starts with Mumen Rider – Soldier, 76 because it is the only skin you are able to obtain free during the One-Punch Man event.

To get this legendary skin, you have to queue up for 24 games in Unranked, Competitive, or Arcade game modes. But Mumen Rider Soldier: 76 isn’t the only free thing you can get this way. There’s a total of 6 things you can do to get them.

  1. 4 games played – Saitama’s Fist Weapon Charm
  2. 8 games played – Mumen Rider Name Card
  3. 12 games played – Cyclist of Justice Victory Pose for Soldier: 76
  4. 16 games played – Justice Crash Highlight Intro for Soldier: 76
  5. 20 games played – Boros Weapon Charm
  6. 24 games played – Legendary Mumen Rider-Soldier: 76 skin

Doomfist Saitama Skin:

The Doomfist-Saitama skin is probably the most sought-after and wanted of the four skins. The yellow suit & white cape look great on Doomfist, who is the best character in the team to wear them.

To get the Doomfist-Saitama skin, you will have to buy it in the store as part of a bundle for 2,100 coins. The bundle will also include a few other One-Punch Man skins.

Terrible Tornado Kiriko Skin:

Terrible Tornado-Kiriko is another great skin that was shown off before the event and has fans excited to get it. Blizzard has said that they can’t think of another character who could play this powerful psychic.

To get the Terrible Tornado-Kiriko skin, you’ll need to pay 2,100 coins in the game’s store. This skin also comes with a Victory Pose and a name card for the Terrible Tornado.

Genos Genji Skin:

The Genos-Genji skin is the last one to be shown, but fans seem to be immediately pointing out how well the two cyborgs fit together. Some players have said that his hair doesn’t look enough like the One-Punch Man cyborg fighter, but the skin is still cool.

To get the Genos-Genji skin, you have to go to the in-game Overwatch 2 store and pay 2,100 coins for it. The skin also comes with a few other goodies that go with it.

What Are The Skins For Crossover?

One Punch Man is an action-comedy manga about a young superhero named Saitama who can beat any opponent with just one punch. A few characters from the series are coming to Overwatch 2 as skins, starting with Saitama as a Doomfist skin.

The way these skins are used in Overwatch 2 is a little different from how they are used in other multiplayer games. Overwatch 2’s crossovers are different from those of games like Fortnite, which just add characters from other media.

Instead, the heroes of Overwatch 2 just dress up as different characters. In this world, even though Doomfist is a bad guy, he just dresses up as his new favourite superhero.

Genos, a cyborg superhero who looks up to Saitama as a mentor, is also joining the game as a Genji skin. Kiriko is also getting a skin based on Tatsumaki, a psychic who often fights with Saitama in the manga and goes by the name “Terrible Tornado.”

Lastly, Soldier 76 will get a Mumen Rider skin that looks like the low-level hero who befriends Saitama and works hard.

Genos Genji, Terrible Tornado Kiriko, and Saitama Doomfist will only be available in the in-game shop as part of paid bundles with other new One Punch Man cosmetics like weapon charms & victory poses.

That means you’ll have to pay for these 3 skins, but if you buy all 3 character bundles at once, you’ll get a small discount. But there are things you may obtain for free.


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