Sons Of The Forest How To Make A Bone Maker Trap

Sons Of The Forest How To Make A Bone Maker Trap:

Sons of the Forest lets you cook the food you catch while you try to stay alive on an island with a harsh environment & dangerous enemies.

But because hunting can take a long time, you can use traps to speed things up. In this guide, we’ll look at how to create a Bone Maker Trap, among the best traps inside the game.

How To Make A Bone Maker Trap:

The Fish Trap and the Animal Trap can only be used to catch small animals. The Bone Maker Trap, on the other hand, can be used to catch big animals. This ought to be utilized to catch animals like deer and moose, which are normally hard to find.

But you can’t just use Sticks to make the Bone Maker Trap. You need to have the following things instead.

What You Need To Make A Bone Maker Trap:

  1. Leaves x3
  2. Rope x1
  3. Rocks x3
  4. One Vodka bottle
  5. Sticks twice

How To Find A Vodka Bottle:

Location 1:

There are Abandoned Camps all over the map where you can locate more than one Bottle Of vodka lying around. Vodka bottles may also be in Supply Crates.

Location 2:

In the Ice Cave, there are 3 bottles of vodka next to the bodies.

Location 3:

At the highest point of the cliff, where a body is hanging, you can find two vodka bottles.

Location 4:

There is a good chance that vodka bottles will spawn in the southern part of the map. On a rock at the beach, you might see a white hat. A Vodka Bottle is next to this rock.

Except for the bottle of vodka, all of the items are easy to find in the game. This is not a very common thing, so it might take you a while to find it. We think you should look for it in Abandoned Camps.

How To Make Bone Maker:

When you have all the materials you need, open your Crafting Book & hold down the ‘X’ key to change the mode. Afterward, go to Traps and then choose Bone Maker Trap.

You can put the white outline anywhere you want, but it’s best to put it near animals so you can start putting things on it with “E.” After you’ve set the trap, you can move on to other things because it will take a while for the trap to capture something.

But once it does, it will set anything on fire right away, killing them right away.

What Does Bone Maker Do:

It’s important to remember that the Bone Maker Trap is also capable of being utilized to protect yourself, since it can also catch cannibals. When this happens, the cannibals are set on fire, and only their bones are left afterward.

You can make different things with these bones. But remember that you can also get captured in your own trap, so make sure to stay away from it after you set it.

What Does Bone Do In Sons Of The Forest?

Bone Armor is a set of defensive gear that you can make in Sons of the Forest. As long as you wear at least one piece, it protects your health from enemy attacks.

You can wear up to 10 pieces of Bone Armor to improve your chances in battle, but each piece can only take one to two hits before it breaks. This means you’ll still need to be careful when you’re searching for resources, tools, weapons, and even better armor.

You’ll need to have a lot of Duct Tape, Rope, & Bone, which is the key ingredient, to make Bone Armor. You don’t have to worry about running out of cannibals to burn to acquire all the Bones you require.

Sons Of The Forest Has Other Ways To Get Bones:

Kill Cannibals:

After you kill some cannibals, you’ll require fire to burn their bodies. You can make a basic fire with two sticks or a Molotov with a piece of cloth and a vodka bottle. Once you have a fire going, pick up the bodies of the cannibals & throw them into the Basic Fire. They will start to burn.

If some of the cannibals are too big to pick up and throw, you can stack the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones and then use the Molotov to start the fire.

Can You Craft Bone Storage In Sons Of The Forest:

Yes, you can construct a bone storage by opening your Guide Book and afterwards choosing the Bone Storage diagram in the Storage section.


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