In Pet Simulator X, What Do Clover Coins Do?

In Pet Simulator X, What Do Clover Coins Do?

Roblox Pet Simulator X is having a limited-time St. Patrick’s Event in honors of the famous Irish saint. During this event, you can collect Clover Coins and use them to buy event-only Pets, including their Huge versions.

Like Valentine Hearts from the Valentine’s Event 2023, Clover Coins are only usable in the St. Patrick’s Event World, which can be reached through the big green cannon outside Shop of Spawn World.

This cannon will take you to the first biome of the event area, the Clover Fields, where you must complete several quests to open up new rooms. In Pet Simulator X, the first quest is to “Break 150 Clover Coins.”

What Are Four Leaf Clovers:

Clover Coins are a brand-new green currency that can be used to complete quests in the St. Patrick’s Day Event, which just started. All you have to do to finish the first quest is collect 150 Clover Coins.

But you can only get Clover Coins from green piles of cash & pots of green coins, not from the regular piles of gold coins.

Getting Clover Coins:

Clover Coins are a type of green currency in Pet Simulator X. They shouldn’t be confused with the green coins in the Oasis in Doodle World. Clover Coins can appear anywhere and can be taken from any object that can be broken.

But if you want to finish the first St. Patrick’s Event quest, it doesn’t matter how many Clover Coins you get indirectly. For example, the Daycare in Spawn World lets you earn up to 10B+ event currency, which doesn’t count towards the event quest.

In Roblox, you have to find and break the Clover Coin stacks & pots that only show up during the St. Patrick’s Event to finish the Clover Field quest.

Stacks and pots of Clover Coins can be found everywhere, no matter what World or biome you are in. But it’s best to stay away from biomes with a lot of green, because it can make it hard to find Clover Coin nodes quickly.

The Best Place To Farm For Clover Coins Is:

In Pet Simulator X, farming Clover Coins can be a tedious job, but there are some places that can make it easier. Farming is a great idea on Fantasy Island’s Samurai Island biome.

Go to the back center of the biome, where there is a giant sakura tree in a circular area surrounded by walls. This small alcove is one of the best places to farm Clover Coins because the nodes come back quickly.

You could indeed easily gather all the nodes & finish the quest quickly if you stay in one place.


There are some items to keep in mind when farming for Clover Coins to facilitate the procedure. Avoid biomes that have a lot of green because it can be hard to find Clover Coin nodes there. Instead, look for places where you can see well and there aren’t many other things going on.

If you get Clover Coins through something like the Daycare in Spawn World, they won’t count towards the quest. So, try to break as many Clover Coin Stacks & Pots as you can to quickly finish the quest and get the special Huge Pet variants.

Where To Get The Most Clover Coins:

In Pet Simulator X, it can be a pain to break 150 Clover Coins because the event nodes can appear anywhere. We suggest that you farm on Fantasy Island’s Samurai Island to speed things up. At the back center of the biome, in a circular area surrounded by walls, there is a huge sakura tree.

From what we’ve seen, this is one of the best places to farm event currency like Clover Coins. Here, you only need to stay in one place and can easily collect all the nodes that respawn rapidly in this small alcove.


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