Sons Of The Forest How To Lock Doors

Sons Of The Forest How To Lock Doors:

Sons of the Forest is a scary survival game that keeps you on the edge of your chair as you make your way through a dangerous wilderness, face scary creatures, and solve problems you never saw coming.

As soon as you step into this scary world, you have to rely on your instincts & ability to make do with what you have to stay alive. But be careful, because there are a lot of dangerous things in this forest that you shouldn’t take lightly. Every step you take is scary, from traps that kill you to enemies that eat you.

Players sometimes just want to take it easy in the privacy of their own base. Still, there is always the chance that a meat-eating cannibal will sneak up on you while you sleep. Sons of the Forest would be perfect if it had a “lock door” button.

Sons of the Forest has a very complicated way of building. Since you are on an island where cannibals and other dangerous people live, it makes sense that you would want to construct a fence around yourself.

But you will need to leave those walls at some point, which is why you need a door. Unfortunately, the animals that want to eat you have learned how to open doors, just like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park.

Are The Doors Locked:

In short, the answer is a loud and clear “no,” at least for now.   Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, so it’s likely that a locking system will be added in a future release to keep those annoying intruders out.

Build A Fence With Sticks Inside The Base:

This was the first thing I tried, even though it’s a simple plan that might not work perfectly. No matter what, this plan has to do with making a stick fence behind your front door.

Nobody is going to be eligible to enter the property because they won’t be able to get through the fence. So, a cannibal is more likely to come knocking at the door.

Don’t worry if you haven’t constructed a stick fence in Sons of the Forest yet. It’s easy and only takes three or four sticks. Just look down to ensure that you are able to see a loop with dashed lines inside it.

If you see two small branches instead, you’ll need to right-click to switch. Then, put one stick to the left of the door and one on the right.

Use A Paper Target To Shoot At:

If you assumed the first point for locking your gate in Sons of the Forest was easy, this one goes even further. This trick is almost funny because you don’t even have to build anything. Discover a paper shooting target & put it on your door. It doesn’t matter whether you put it on the inside or outside of the door.

Even though this trick is very simple, it might be one of the best. I have a few different thoughts about it. First of all, I tried to break the target and just couldn’t, so I’m guessing that it can’t be broken.

So, it’s more likely that the enemy will break your door and the whole door frame first. Which is why the paper target would still float there.

When you use a paper target, the main problem is that you have to find it. This is because it doesn’t seem like there is a set place to find one. You’ll have to look in the many boxes that are all over Sons of the Forest instead. And keep your fingers crossed that a paper target is in a box of random loot.

Make A System With An Airlock:

Now, when you construct the airlock, you’ll need to use 2 small logs as posts for the front part. This is important because it will affect how we make a door lock/block the front.

When you chop a log down the middle, the middle piece that comes out is a medium log. By putting it on another log first, you can cut out the middle part.

Then you’ll need to construct walls on the left and right and the floor inside. I’d also suggest building a ramp up to the floor so it’s easier to get inside. After that, you’ll need to put a normal-sized log across the two medium-sized front posts.


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