What Do Minecraft Dolphins Eat?

What Do Minecraft Dolphins Eat?

If you want to find shipwrecks or ocean ruins in Minecraft, it might be helpful to know what dolphins like to eat. Dolphins will help you find underwater treasure chests if you can find one and feed it. This is similar to how raw meat can make a wolf trust you.

Also, staying close to these aquatic creatures gives you a boost that lets you swim faster in the water. This is similar to how a conduit gives you a haste buff.

Dolphins are neutral mobs in Minecraft. You can usually find them swimming around in groups of three to five in ocean biomes. Dolphins are neutral mobs, which means they won’t attack players unless they do something to make them angry.

Most of the time, dolphins will appear around level 45 at sea level. Dolphins only show up in ocean biomes that aren’t frozen. In the Minecraft world, these mobs are frequently helpful to players.

In Minecraft, Dolphins Are very Helpful:

Dolphins could indeed lead players to buried treasures or give them a speed boost if they are running fast in the water. As long as the player stays loyal to them, these mobs will be loyal to the player.

What Do They Eat?

Dolphins would be able to eat raw cod once the Aquatic Update goes live. If the name of this item isn’t clear, it’s because the name of raw fish will change to cod in the 1.13 update. It is thought that this is the only thing dolphins eat.

How To Give Dolphins Food:

In the new version of Minecraft, you have to equip raw cod and drop it near or in the water to feed dolphins. Dolphins can’t breathe on land, so you probably shouldn’t feed them there.

Aquatic Update:

It’s important to note that the Minecraft aquatic update isn’t out yet, but it will be in late July 2018. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to play & swim with the dolphins, kill them, & feed them to their friends so they’ll lead you to treasure.

Where You Can Find Raw Cod:

From the surface down to elevation 32, you can find raw cod in the water. These mobs would then spawn in cold, frozen, lukewarm, & normal oceans in Minecraft, so they aren’t hard to find.

Most of the time, these tan-colored fish spawn in groups of 4–7. Players could get raw cod either by fishing for it or by going into the ocean with such a sword & killing one.

How To Find Salmon:

Salmon lays her eggs in the same places that cod do. Salmon usually spawn in groups of three to five, and they can be found anywhere from 5 to 32. Like the cod, these fish lay their eggs in regular, cold, warm, & frozen oceans.

These fish are red and somewhat green, and they are a little longer than cod seems to be. Salmon and cod are fairly simple to locate in Minecraft, since they live in almost every ocean biome. You can also sometimes find salmon in the chests of a village.


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