Social Invisibility – Actress Michelle Dilhara

Social Invisibility Definition

Social invisibility defines about a group of people in the society which had been separated and systematically ignored by the majority of the public and as a result of this , they feel neglected or being invisible in the society.Popular Sri Lankan actress Michelle Dilhara speaks.

The modern society which all human being live is quite occupied with different types of works and technology. If we deeply think we generally have much more telephone calls, messages, e-mails, letters and functions during a life. It is normally said that we use Facebook an average of 125 minutes a day and the average use of social media per day is 135 minutes.

Apart from that, you must be received your telephone bill, electricity bill, and rates taxes until you are in 50 and you have a combination to the society owing to the concept of the global village. It is glad to mention that we have a large number of things to do in connection with modern technology and rapid development.

Recognition of social invisibility and Disrespect

What will occur when you are retired from your job or you are not young enough to be paved any responsibilities? But the process of society is naturally heading. and you will not be part of the environment so far. You will not have things to do like you did when you employed. What will happen next? Could you guess? Unfortunately, you suddenly feel afraid of your oncoming life.

Sometimes you feel …I am out of the planet… You have to be at home alone. Your son or daughter cannot expect to be kept with you. After a year or two will have no more calls, emails and friendly messages or any communication you had so far. You automatically feel being alone yourself and collapsing.


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