Computer mice are going away

I really do like computer mice. Maybe, I was a cat in a previous life and I liked to meow. Still, the physical mouse is going away. Honestly, it is not just tablets and cell phones that are the main reason. Fact is – a lot of new laptops no longer have a DVD drive or a mouse. Basically, we are forced to use the touch screen.

Maybe, the computer keyboard will follow soon. Already, I have noticed that the new laptops do not run windows even. People call them chrome books, but they are a pain. Sadly, my old software does not work on these devices because the gadgets have a different operating system and processor. Also, the chrome books do not have a DVD player so I cannot load my program even.Sadly, I believe that real laptops are going away. They have been replaced by so called “smart” phones and that is a really dumb move.Well, the worst part is no mouse.

Hey, we got use to clicking on icons. Tapping on a touch screen is just not the same. Ok, so here is reason one. I get my screen all dirty and greasy. Also, when I am typing in letters using my screen, it often gets letters wrong. With the keyboard, that was never our case. 

Here is the second reason that I miss my mouse.

I like to use my computer to draw illustrations and I got accustomed to using my mouse. It was great in photo shop and other programs. Sadly, my old software does not work well with a touch screen. Frankly, using tablets and smart phones is a pain. They want you to constantly stay connected to the internet when you are using an app. This eats up my precious megabyte allowance and costs me additional money. Also, I need to be in an area with cell phone coverage. Otherwise, these new “CLOUD” apps will not work anymore. Most of the time, people like to off load the processing to the cloud, but not me. I like to use my own computer and my own software programs. That is why I got a computer with a lot of memory. Let me add that is also has a lot of processing power.

I have been using the computer mouse since the 80’s and I believe that this was a great invention, but I do not like the touch screen. I go a lot faster using a physical keyboard as well as a physical mouse. Tapping on a hard glassy screen is a pain. Also, many of my old software programs still rely on me using a mouse. They do not adapt well to the new architecture that we are being forced to use. 
Please imagine the hassle of being forced to learn new ways of doing things every few years. Also, the new ways are not faster, but slower and more cumbersome than the previous ones. My greatest complaint about my touch screen computer is that it has AI or Artificial Intelligence built in. For example, I type in M-I-C-E and it writes nice. Well, that is not nice. What I wanted was to talk about computer mice; however, it auto-corrects to computer nice. 

Maybe, you think that is funny, but time is money. I have found that AI often hinders rather than helps me. It is one more development that I wish would go away. Please give me back my mouse.


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