Silent Hope Release Date, Trailers, Game Play, And News

Silent Hope Release Date, Trailers, Game Play, And News:

During the Nintendo Direct for the month of June 2023, Silent Hope, a new JRPG, was announced by Nintendo, Marvelous, and XSEED. Frederica is what the game is called in Japan.

It will be about a world where no one can speak. Update: XSEED announced after the direct that the game will additionally be available on PC. It is an action-RPG where seven silent fighters have to explore tunnels to save the country from the king, who stole the words from them.

Since the caves change all the time, they might be made at random. After exploring a cave, you can go back to your base camp to grow new materials and make new things. From what I’ve seen in the video, it looks like you are able to bring one character into a cave at a time.

When Will Silent Hope Come Out?

Even though it’s not available from the Nintendo Store right now, Silent Hope will come out on the third of October in 2023. The main site for Silent Hope also confirms this date. The fundamental title will cost $39.99 in the digital shops for Nintendo and Steam.

Also, in the coming weeks, you will be able to buy a Day 1 version for $49.99 USD from the official XSEED shop and some game stores. This version will include a hard copy of the game itself, a soundtrack, as well as an art book.

The date was shown in the video that was shown during the Nintendo Direct in June 2023. The game is set to come out on the Nintendo Switch device and on Steam for PCs.

Could I Preorder Silent Hope?

The physical first-day edition for Nintendo Switch, which comes with an artbook as well as soundtrack, will shortly be available for preorder at the XSEED Games Store as well as other stores for $49.99.

The standalone base game is going to be accessible digitally on the eShop and Steam for $39.99.

Story Of Silent Hope:

Within the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, a video for Silent Hope was shown. The trailer said that the game takes place in a country where the ruler has taken words from all over the world.

To figure out why the King did what he did and went into a place named the Abyss, gamers will have to lead seven heroes through tasks using their own unique skills.

The Wanderer, Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Farmer, Fighter, as well as Caster will be available to play. Each one has a set of skills that can be used throughout and out of battle.

In Silent Hope, there are jobs that let players make, cook, and use chemistry to help the team get supplies.

Using a Base Camp, they are additionally able to talk to and learn more about the heroes who led the narrative. This game is great for a broad spectrum of players because it has an exciting mix of action, simulation, and RPG story.

All The Trailers For Silent Hope:


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