How To Get Kullervos Bane In Warframe

How To Get Kullervos Bane In Warframe:

Kullervo is the newest frame to join the amazing list of unique frames in Warframe. In the new update to Seven Crimes of Kullervo, players get the chance to use this frame that looks like a knife.

There are two different ways to get this strong frame, so players can choose the one that works best for them.

Tenno-wannabes can get Kullervo by farming in a special way that fits his sin-based powers and impressive fighting skills. In Warframe, this method will demonstrate to you how to obtain Kullervo.

In the 33.5 update, Kullervo represents the 53rd distinct Warframe that has been added to the game. The only way to get him is through Duviri, the new open-world area of the game.

To get this Warframe, you have to go to Kullervo’s Hold, which is a new floating castle island in Duviri, and fight a brand-new boss there. If you don’t want to farm, you can buy Kullervo through the Market for 325 platinum.

Kullervo’s Bane only drops when you do a certain action, and getting it will take a long time, especially if you want to add the Kullervo Warframe to your collection. Here’s what you must understand regarding Kullervo’s Bane and how to get it in Warframe:

Where To Find Kullervo’s Bane:

The Kullervo’s Bane is the most important thing you need to get the Kullervo Blueprint, the Kullervo Chassis Parts, the Rauta Blueprint, along with other Kullervo-related Blueprints.

These will show up in the form of Arcithis, which may show up at the conclusion of a Spiral in The Duviri Paradox as well as the other game types. To get these plans, be certain to click upon Kullervo’s Archive.

Kullervo’s Bane can only be gotten by beating Kullervo as well as the Ororwyrm at Kullervo’s Hold between June 21 and July 5, 2023. Warframe players must do this event at least once, which takes a minimum of five Pathos Clamps to get into this game mode.

Even though Kullervo’s Hole only shows up during a limited-time occurrence, the island possesses a chance to spawn from the Sorrow, Fear, as well as Anger Spiral.

Outside of the limited-time occurrence, Kullevo’s Hold might appear as a side island or as the major action, but this is not promised.

Again, you have to beat both Kullervo as well as the Ororwrym to get Kullervo’s Bane. For this to count toward the story, it has to happen during Kullervo’s Hold, The Lone the narrative, as well as The Duviri Experience.

Warframe players who finish the Normal Path had a chance to get between 4 and 6 Kullervo’s Bane. Those who finish the Steel Path had a chance to get between 6 and 8 Kullervo’s Bane.

Kullervo Crafting Requirements:

Main Blueprint:

Kullervo’s Bane 15
Credits 30,000
Kullervo Neuroptics 1
Kullervo Chassis 1
Kullervo Systems 1
Pathos Clamp 30

Kullervo Neuroptics:

Nine Kullervo’s Bane 1
Credits 15,000
Lamentus 5
Tasoma Extract 50
Saggen Pearl 100
Connla Sprout 100

Kullervo Chassis:

Nine Kullervo’s Bane 1
Credits 15,000
Nacreous Pebble 125
Kovnik 100
Rune Marrow 75
Ueymag 100

Kullervo Systems:

Nine Kullervo’s Bane 1
Credits 15,000
Aggristone 100
Eevani 100
Ariette Scale 360
Ueymag 100

But if you don’t want to mindlessly grind via Duviri, there is another way to acquire your Kullervo Warframe, which happens almost immediately. You got right: it’s getting Kullervo from the game’s store.

It is by far the easiest and quickest way to get Kullervo, since it takes only a small amount of work and gives you Kullervo right away.

How much? You can buy a fully built and accelerated Kullervo for 325 Platinum without getting to go via all the trouble and work you would normally have to. Even though Kullervo’s Hold is already within the course of play, it nevertheless costs a lot of effort to acquire Kullervo in his full glory.

Tips For Fighting A Boss:

After Voruna, Warframes that focus on melee attacks became common. Kullervo’s skills work best with a melee build, particularly one that focuses on heavy strikes.

The boss fight with Kullervo in Duviri also shows what he can do as a Warframe. It is one of the most interesting and difficult boss fights to do on your own.

Because the boss moves around, locking upon is almost always necessary. As a general plan, it works great to hit him hard by using Azothane as well as Edun and then move away from him. Always remember to use your Drifter’s special close moves when they are not on cooldown.

After taking one hard hit, you can get out of most of his moves if you get some space. There are two exceptions: a set of knives that go all around the field and a laser attack.

Its Second Move Is Laser Strike:

You can avoid the first one if you dodge at the right time. In the 2nd as well as third stages, Kullervo does this motion twice within a row. The shadow backstabs Kullervo, which sets off its second strike, the laser move. To avoid this, you have to keep using dodge so you don’t get stunned.

As a group, the fight seems like a piece of cake. One Drifter can get the enemy’s attention and move around while others use the Sirocco to take shots. If you want to get all of Duviri experience, you can also farm orders and stay strong enough to face-tank him and kill him.


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