Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Expected on August 23 by Korean Media

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Expected on August 23 by Korean Media
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Expected on August 23 by Korean Media

So finally it’s almost here. After a steady stream of leaks and rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date is almost out now. If Korean news site The Bell is true in its reporting, the next Samsung flagship is coming on August 23. And it’s not just one report – another report from The Investor is also saying from citation of an unnamed Samsung executive that Galaxy Note 8 is about to be launched next month. However, this second report doesn’t give any particular date in August. So even if August 23 is not the exact date, now it’s almost confirm that Galaxy Note 8 is coming sometime next month, which is a great news for all Samsung fans.

This earlier than expected launch schedule may help Samsung make Galaxy Note 8 available in all major global markets before the launch of iPhone 8. Since Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 8 in September followed by an availability in October, this early launch can provide Samsung a very comfortable room of 1 month and a week to make its phablet available in all major markets.

But besides taking on its biggest rival there may also be another reason behind this advancement of launch schedule. Various reports in Korean media have been suggesting that Samsung Galaxy S8 is selling about 20% less than its predecessor. There’re rumors that company could sell only 9.8 million S8 units in first two months of its launch, which clearly threw cold water on all of company’s sales forecasts. By comparison company had sold 12 million units of Galaxy S7 last year. So this slowdown of sales may also be another reason behind this early launch of Galaxy Note 8.

Whatever the reason, it’ll certainly be a good thing for buyers, who’ll get a chance to properly assess the performance and build quality of Galaxy Note 8 by the time of Apple’s iPhone launch. The build quality aspect is more important here primarily because of Galaxy Note 7’s unfortunate fate, so this early launch can provide the much needed time window to cautious buyers to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with this device. It’ll be interesting to see how well this device is received globally.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come with company’s trademark Infinity display, 12mp dual-camera setup on its back, Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has very beautiful outlook and design. Can everyone tell me about the features of this devices? I want to know about this device. After read this I am very surprised that Investor had to take lot of attention about the date when the device is launch.


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