Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 Tipped to Come With Dual-Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy C7 2017
Samsung Galaxy C7 2017

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy C7 seems all set to be 4th device from company with dual-camera!

Samsung has been launching Galaxy A, C and J series devices from many years. Now, this year company has announced the A and J series devices, but C series product is still missing.

So now we’re finally starting to hear rumors about that device as well. The latest rumor is about Galaxy C7, and it says that the device may come with rear-facing dual-camera setup.

The leak has come from a well-known Chinese leaker’s Twitter handle. And according to him it will be fourth Samsung device to have such a setup, with other 3 being Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy J7 (Chinese version) and Galaxy C10. In case you don’t know, Galaxy C10 was the first Samsung device this year to be tipped with dual-camera.

But then came reports of Galaxy Note 8 coming with such a camera setup, and everyone forgot about C10. Now it has been heard that Chinese version of Galaxy J7 will also be launched with dual-camera configuration. So besides Galaxy Note 8 if J7 and C10 also comes with dual-camera then C7 will indeed be the fourth Samsung device to have this feature.

When it comes to other features of Galaxy C7 2017, it’s expected to come with a Snapdragon 630 or 660 SoC. Or otherwise it may also be powered by company’s own Exynos 7872 chipset. Nothing more is known about it yet, and we’ll certainly let you know when more details come out. And as always, these’re very early leaks so take them with a pinch of salt.


  1. Samsung Galaxy C7 is not very cheap mobile. Its look is not very good. It can not increase anyone’s personality. I don’t like that smart phone.


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