Samsung is delaying a key part of its new voice assistant

Yes, you heard it right. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Samsung said that the new digital assistant, Bixby from Samsung wouldn’t be available at the time of the Galaxy S8 launch dated April 21. At the official announcement of S8 and S8+, Samsung had touted Bixby as the signature feature of the new flagship smartphones.

The key features of Bixby include Home, Vision, Reminder and Voice but at the time of the launch these three features will work but not the voice, according to a report of Axios.Samsung said that it is delaying the launch of voice-command capabilities for its Bixby voice assistant. The reason behind the delay of the much-touted voice feature hasn’t been revealed but it’s worth noting that Bixby only supports Korean and English at the time of launch, says the report in the Wall Street Journal. The report also says that some of its features will still work but won’t be able to respond to any user voice commands.

The smartphone will go on sale from April 21 but customers have to be satisfied with the limited Bixby functionality. The smartphone will ship with Google Assistant, which is the part of the Android operating system and have some of the similar features as Bixby. With this Samsung is taking a direct shot at growing popularity of all AI assistants just like Alexa, Siri and google assistant.

Samsung is aimed to ease the user experience on smartphones of Samsung Galaxy but one of its core and much-touted features has been delayed but the customers need not to worry as there is quite a good news too as Samsung says Bixby voice will be available at a later stage perhaps until as late as May.


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