Sage’s Will In Tears Of The Kingdom How To Use It And What It Does

Sage’s Will In Tears Of The Kingdom How To Use It And What It Does:

Sage’s Wills are important things that you can trade in to boost your Sage abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Sage’s Wills can be found on the sky islands. For every four you spend, you can make one of the Sage’s skills stronger. You’ll have to be smart about which Sage’s Wills you power up first, since not all of them are easy to find while others get stuck behind very hard enemy fights.

If you found a sage’s will but don’t know what “sage abilities” are, keep going with the main story as well as return back here later. Almost every item within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been put to good use.

We’ve been adding bits of monsters to our weapons, blasting foes with the strong fruit we find, and sneaking up on them with puff mushrooms. Which is now our best thing. The Sage’s Will, a unique key thing you can find in TotK, stopped us off in our tracks and caused us scratch our heads.

Do you want to know what the Tears of the Kingdom Sage’s Will are? If so, you’re lucky. You’ll know everything there is to know about these cute collectibles within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in just a few minutes.

What Does Sage Want?

Sage’s Wills are “what’s left of a former Sage’s resolve,” says the game text. You can get closer to the teachers if you get four of these and give them to a figure of a goddess. This means that you will be able to improve the attack power of a specific sage.

Sages connect the Sacred Realm to Hyrule, and they watch over the power of the Master Sword. There are nine teachers. Seven of them are in one group, and two are in the other.

They are thought to be some of the strongest things, so all through history, they were often tracked and then killed so they wouldn’t get too strong.

Some of these teachers are your friends in the game. There are a total of five of them. When you find a sage’s will, you’ll know because it’s a tiny green stone that is thought to have belong to a sage. You are able to sense the remains of an intense connection when you hold it in your hand.

How To Get Sage’s Will Back:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you need to go to any of the goddess sites you find as you play. You can find these shrines in certain places in the game, especially in the most important towns.

The easiest one to locate is under Lookout Landing, which serves as one of the starting points in Central Hyrule. We talked to the figure of a goddess, and it told us the same thing as if we had given it our Light of Blessing charges.

We need to turn in the wills of at least four elders to improve any sage power we have. You can use this key item to make Sage stronger, but it doesn’t do much else.

What The Will Of Sage Do?

Players get a Sage’s Vow when they finish one of the four parts of the “Regional Phenomena” major quest line. This gives Link a magical copy of that Sage.

Then, that copy can join Link on his trip, help him with special skills to make exploring easier, or even fight with him in battles.

For example, one sage can make gusts of wind that let Link glide farther, and another can quickly break up big chunks of breakable rocks, so Link doesn’t have to use up his big guns or bomb flowers.

If the player wants to go on Link’s trip alone, they can turn off these Sage’s Vows in the Key Items screen. However, if they’re using these Sage’s Vows often, they must find as well as collect the Sage’s Will items.

By collecting these Sage’s Will things, players can truly turn a Sage’s Vow into a “solemn vow.” When a promise is raised to a serious vow, the magic spirit that follows Link near becomes much stronger, so when Link calls on it in battle, it does harder attacks.

This implies that as players get more Sages to help them as they go out of opportunities to improve their vows, even the hardest enemies may grow much easier to beat.

Locations Of Tears Of The Kingdom Sage’s Will:

Sages’ wills aren’t easy to discover, but for those who like to finish everything, it will be worth it. Like all the sites for Tears of the Kingdom,

To find Sage’s Will, you’ll have to look all over the huge land of Hyrule. We haven’t discovered them all yet, but we’ll keep adding the sites to this article as we find them.

The South Hyrule Sky Archipelago:

This Sage’s Will is located on the South Hyrule Sky Archipelago. To get to the box, you have to remove the water from the pond. Lift up the floodgate and use Ultrahand to connect it to a log to keep it from falling back down.

The water will run out, leaving the chest as well as a lot of fish for you to retrieve up.

Now that you remember every detail about Sage’s Wills, do you know where everything is in Skyview Tower? We also have tips to the best guns and gear for Tears of the Kingdom if you would like to know what to use.


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