How To Finish The Water Temple And Clear Faucets In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Water Temple And Clear Faucets In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Water Temple from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is one of the most famous levels in video game history. So, it’s back again! The Water Temple is a scary place in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It’s not the same dungeon, but it’s still there.

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, if you keep going, you’ll go through the rivers of the Zora kingdom and end up at the Water Temple, which is near the Great Spring of Hyrule.

You should have finished the Wind Temple as well as the Fire Temple by now, so you ought to have a good amount of experience. The name of the Water Temple, which fans of Ocarina of Time fear, is spoken again within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

To be completely fair, the Water Temple within Tears of the Kingdom was a lot more fun than its terrible version on the Nintendo 64. This is because there is a lot less backtracking this time, and players are able to appreciate Prince Sidon’s good looks as they complete their task.

What Is The Water Temple’s Main Purpose?

The primary objective of the Water Temple was to get the sludge out of the four taps that are clogged. With Prince Sidon’s permission, you have to go around the sky islands within the area and hit the water wheels.

To use Prince Sidon’s Blessing, run up to him when he has a blue glow around him and press the A button. This will let you fire a water blast. You can’t spam this move because it has a timer.

You might notice on the maps that the Water Temple is surrounded by two small, separate islands. These rooms have extra prizes that you don’t have to go to in order to finish the dungeon, but we’ll tell you how to get there if you’re interested in their loot.

Several times during the cave, you will have to go back to or pass through the center island. Keep an eye out for constructs, which will appear over time. If you’re low on goods or health, it might be best to avoid them.

West Islands, Water Temple:

First, jump and fly over the broken bridge to get to the island in the southwest. Here, there are three robot troops that must be killed, and Ultra-hand must be used to pull a huge metal ball out of the water.

Use Prince Sidon’s Blessing to clean the mud off a large rock at the north end of the island, as shown below. This will make huge bubbles form. Float the big metal ball to the northwest island by putting it in a bubble. To send Link over, jump within the next bubble.

The metal ball is going to be placed into a circle hole within the ground, but because the island is surrounded by water, it won’t sink and push the button below.

Several platforms within the area will float in the air, draining Link’s battery. They may be moved with Ultra-hand, but they aren’t used to hold the ball. Instead, a sluice gate close to the water can be raised.

If you hook up among the stages to the gate and lift it, the water will briefly drain off the island. When the metal ball lands on the button, it will open a nearby room that contains a water wheel. To open the first tap, use Prince Sidon’s blessing on the water wheel.

Also, you may utilize the waterfall on the left side of the island to launch Link into the air and glide to the small, separated island to the south. This is a chest that holds a Zora shield.

You’ll also need to come back to this waterfall shortly, so you might as well collect the shield now and glide backwards to the center island.

Under The Island Is A Water Temple:

Under the broken bridge pieces on the west side, there is an island with a box holding a gem, but you need Ultra-hand to get it out of the water first. Once you have this, find the road below the center island and continue down it until you reach a door that is blocked by flames.

You might think that Prince Sidon’s Blessing or Splash Arrows are the way to stop the fire, but they will only put it out for a short time.

The answer is behind the flames, where another flying platform could be caught with Ultra-hand as well as pulled forward to block the fire and let Link pass through.

Once you’re on the other side, drag the platform onto the button afterwards to the door. This will turn off the fires and let Prince Sidon join you. Within the next area, you need to fill in a round hole in the wall to open the door that protects the 2nd water wheel.

The next room has a metal ball that fits the hole, but it is guarded by a pit of spikes.

There are several moving platforms, which is good news. Just use Ultra-hand to carry a platform over to the ball, fly over, connect them, push them back with Ultra-hand, and then utilize the other platforms to climb up while pulling the ball or platform with you.

The ball won’t stay within the hole within the wall if you don’t bring the base.

Instead, you have to connect it to the opposite side of the platform while it’s floating and employ the Ultra-hand to keep it there. This opens the door to the water wheel, which you may strike with Prince Sidon’s gift to open the second tap.

Northeast Island, Water Temple:

Go back to the waterfall on the western island and employ the Zora armor to swim up it. This will launch Link into the air and give him enough speed to glide to the island in the northeast.

The area is guarded by a Fire Like, which has the same weakness as the Sludge Like boss you met earlier during the game wait for the purple thing coming out of its mouth and then hit it. This will kill the Firelike, and it will drop a chest with a wooden shield along with additional items.

Use the broken bridge to get to a place where a ball keeps hitting the ground. Get close to the bubble and use Link’s recall skill on it. You ought to have enough time to jump into the bubble as it goes back in time, letting you get to the next island.

Here, there is a wheel next to a stream and two planks that have been left behind. Put the logs on each side of the wheel to get it to move. Ensure that the planks are as close as possible to the wheel.

This will charge a nearby gadget with a yellow light, but the connection between it and the door with the water wheel was broken. Grab a bubble with Ultra-hand and put it between the two points of charge to make a circuit. This will open the door.

If this is done right, it will make room for the water wheel. Use Prince Sidon’s blessing to turn on the third tap and move closer to winning.

Southeast Island, Water Temple:

Use the stream on the northeast island to launch Link into the air and glide over to the next island. On this island, there is a whirling tower that needs to be stopped, but first you have to deal with a bunch of buildings and blue churches. Kill the bad guys and take their stuff.

To prevent the tower from spinning, climb the tallest pole in the area and jump from it towards the tower. Pull out your bow. This should slow down time, giving you enough time to shoot an arrow at the switch inside.

This will make the water in the area go down, giving you access to the water wheel, which you may use with Prince Sidon’s blessing to open the last tap.

Before going back to the main island, you may jump from the top of the blocked tower to the south-most island that isn’t linked. Inside the box is a big Zonai charge.

Go back to the middle island and get better. Once you turn on the main computer, you will face Mucktorok, the Scourge of the Water Temple, in a boss fight. Check out our guide on how to beat the Mucktorok boss in Tears of the Kingdom for more information on how to take him down.


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