Quppy Stands Out As An Exclusive Cross-Platform Digital Wallet


Clients in contemporary markets often play multiple roles, being investors, sellers, users and cardholders, among others. Playing these roles brings about further complications.

Quppy Wallet is a licensed cross-platform digital wallet that solves the complexities and challenges faced by private clients, corporate users and private label individuals. At its core, the multi-language, multi-currency platform puts all the necessary services in one intuitive digital wallet.

Quppy is a unique crypto wallet that offers the following:

Cross Platform Technology

Quppy stands out among the competition because it’s one of the first digital wallets to offer cross-platform capability. You won’t have to burden yourself with multiple wallets for different applications. It’s a next-generation type of wallet that allows users to share crypto assets across different accounts under one platform.

Cutting Edge Security Features

Quppy is built with the latest blockchain technology, which gives you a decentralized storage bank for all your cryptocurrencies. As such, Quppy is backed by security features such as a unique key system and the 2-factor authorization process. Your private key is stored and only accessible via personal access for unparalleled security and data safety.

Support For Cryptocurrencies

Quppy supports a wide range of popular and upcoming cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash, among others. You can also conduct transactions via crypto and fiat in the near future.

Convenience and Ease Of Use

Quppy Wallet is available for download on both iOS and Android phones. Cypto investors, traders and miners can use Quppy to make crypto transactions and exchanges as necessary. Navigation is a cinch and Quppy’s clean, well-designed interface makes for great user experience.

Quppy is one part of a fully functional financial platform that integrates Quppy Pay with Quppy Finance, prepaid bank cards and bank accounts. It’s an all-in-one digital wallet that fits entrepreneurs, businessmen and forward-thinking investors.


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