Jacob Consulting Group Takes Extreme Measures to Ensure Client Anonymity

Palo Alto, CA – Oct. 20, 2017 – Many companies prominently splash the names of their clients across their advertising campaigns like the paparazzi. The opposite is true at Jacob Consulting Group. Founded by Andy Jacob, the nature of the firm’s clientele is so exclusive, extreme measures are taken to protect the identity of those who seek his assistance.

Highly in demand, Jacob puts potential clients though a rigorous screening process to determine if they’re serious about using his business services. He has a limited number of openings each year, as Jacobs fully immerses himself in his client’s business needs. A relationship with Jacob Consulting Group begins by scheduling a free 30-minute phone call with the firm’s founder.

When clients retain the Jacob Consulting Group, they receive the personal attention of Jacob himself, not some low-level associate. His client list is secretive, as most clients don’t want their competition to know they’re using Jacob Consulting Group. He only works with one company in a sector, as Jacob sets the goal of market domination for his client.

Often referred to as their secret weapon, his clients encompass sports teams, financiers and media moguls to law firms, cybersecurity specialists and medical groups. Jacob Consulting Group has received numerous accolades, recognition and awards for its methods and success within the industry and has been featured in print and broadcast media.

If accepted, he provides a multitude of services based on the needs of the client, from exclusive, small team sales training to solutions for large sales teams. Jacob provides mentoring, guidance in building management teams and creating critical business connections. He helps clients develop world-class business systems and strategies specifically designed for energetic growth and market penetration.

Clients of Jacob Consulting Group see immediate results and a drastic increase in their revenues. He utilizes a tactical and strategic approach with solutions that are practical, streamlined and can be employed immediately. Jacob has a passion for what he does and delivers results that are measureable, sustainable, dramatic and long-term for optimal return on investment.

Strategies are tailored to the individual client and their needs. Jacob Consulting Group incorporates a combination of unique and innovative techniques to accomplish any number and variety of client goals to ensure they reach their full potential.

Client businesses are expertly analyzed to discover their strengths and identify areas of improvement. Jacob provides real world guidance for fine-tuning or dramatically overhauling the client’s business to improve sales and increase market share. Jacob’s clients dominate at the highest level of today’s competitive marketplace.

Exclusive, confidential and guaranteeing client anonymity, Jacob Consulting Group provides proven strategies for how business is conducted today and creates solutions for the future. A recognized expert, Jacob ensures clients connect with customers in the most powerful ways possible.

About Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob is founder of the Jacob Consulting Group with more than 20 years of successful business building expertise and specializes in building better, stronger and faster companies. He’s been featured in national print and broadcast media, is a financial and business expert for multiple media outlets and the author of the new groundbreaking training program, “Closing the Deal is Dead.”

Media Contact

Andy Jacobs

Website: www.andyjacob.com


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