Pokemon GO Reaches $1 Billion Record In Revenue For 2020

Pokemon GO, as you all know is one of the most popular and well-known games that most people love to play. But all of you will be happy as well as excited to know that Pokemon GO did manage to reach a milestone in revenue during late October as per the reports by Sensor Tower.

Yes, the Pokemon GO game was successful enough to reach up to $1 Billion in revenue for the year 2020. You can say that the popular AR game managed to break its annual revenue record this year. It breaks the record with 2 months to spare.

It is roughly 11 percent more revenue generated than its highest annual revenue generated. This was all since the Pokemon GO game did release in 2016. 

You must know that the entire world was suffering under the Coronavirus pandemic. While most people maintaining social distancing and following the lockdown.

During such times, most people stayed indoors for several months. So it is quite a surprise that the Pokemon GO game, being a game that is based on location-based interaction. It did manage to top the record of the annual revenue generated this year.

All the Pokemon GO players and fans must know it. There are still, one and a half months left for the game to add to its revenue the year-end. 

It is sure that the success of the Pokemon GO game can be attributed to the overall increase. it is in the terms of downloading the games due to the intense boredom in the lockdown.

However, one can not believe that this is the only reason behind the unpredictable success of Niantic’s Pokemon GO. As per the reports of Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Report, last year Pokemon GO had the best year of the history in terms of revenue.

But as you all know, this time the game has had a huge margin in the revenue generated. We are sure that the game is going to be up and running to beat its own record of revenue. 

Niantic’s Tackling Down Of Problems and Subtle Improvements

It is sure that Niantic will be perfectly handling the overall situation. It will make sure to bring the game to the players instead of making them go out.

That is why it was successful enough to tackle down the issues of the lockdowns as well as social distancing.

You must know that the game has an excellent and perfect solution. So it will provide the players with incense sticks that will involve some micro-transactions. But in return, the game did manage to get a huge profit.

You must know that it is now possible for the players to attract Pokemon to them. It will be with the help of the incense sticks. That means the players will not have to roam around to get the Pokemon. But instead, they can find the Pokemon in their homes. 

There was also another problem that happens to be a shortage of Pokeballs. So the Pokemon GO game developers provide another solution to purchase the Pokeballs. But that indeed involves micro-transactions.

It is sure that with these incredibly attractive solutions, Niantic is breaking all the expectations. Yes, the expectation breaks for the Pokemon GO players. Therefore the game manages to get an increased amount of transactions for Pokecoins.

That is why this year is going to be the best year in terms of revenue generated. It will surely be for the Pokemon GO game. 

Most people believe that the strong travel urge builds up within the people. It is during the lockdown and it is another reason behind the huge success of Niantic’s Pokemon GO.

As soon as the lockdown ended, especially for the people in the US, most of the people wants to let out the suppressed feelings of going out in the city and explore or travel physically.

It leads most people to go hiking, exploring the cities, traveling to different places, and visiting other friends as well as places. So the best bet was to go exploring while playing the Pokemon GO game which is why the gameplay time was increasing. 

You must know that the Pokemon GO game’s premises includes many physical locations and you will find Pokemon at different locations.

Undoubtedly, the Pokemon GO game is the most favorite for any person who loves to walk around outdoors and explore different areas.

Therefore as more people are going out for walking outdoors, they will most probably download the Pokemon GO game and adding it to the traveling perks. This is what leads to an increase in the demand for the Pokemon GO game. 

Marketing Strategy From The Pokemon Go Team

One of the major reasons why the Pokemon GO game did manage to slam down the record for the revenue generated during the troubling times is the amazing and excellent marketing strategy from the Pokemon GO Team.

You must know that it was necessary for all the players may it be the old or new to stay at home and thereby disabling the premises of the Pokemon GO game during the lockdown.

That is when the Pokemon GO game did respond to the players by bringing the game to the players’ home. It was all possible due to selling 30 incense sticks which is basically the item that will lure the Pokemon to spawn nearby the players.

The best thing about selling the incense sticks is the price as any player can be able to purchase it with only 1 Pokecoin. Therefore most players were purchasing the helpful incense sticks.

All the players were happy to play the Pokemon GO game as they will be able to catch Pokemon while sitting on their couch or roaming around the kitchen.

But then arises the issue where players find that they are out of Pokeballs within a few hours of catching the Pokemon spawning nearby.

In order to resolve this problem that most players were facing in the game, Niantic did increase the output of Pokeballs by increasing the number of Pokeballs that players were receiving from the gifts.

Niantic also did increase the number of gifts that the players can open per day. Additionally, the game allows players to purchase 100 Pokeballs by only spending 1 Pokecoin. That is why the players are more than happy to purchase the Pokeballs and invest in Pokecoins.

In order to deal with the Pokeballs influx, Niantic increased Pokeballs carrying capacity in inventory to 20.

Final Words

Unpredictably, Pokemon GO did manage to break all the expectation of the Pokemon GO players. There are so many fans shocked to know that the game is earning $1 Billion in revenue in 2020. The game is indeed a masterpiece that every person should try at least once. 

If you want to spend some spare time to refresh yourself, Pokemon Go is the best option. You can be able to play it whenever you are free from your work. It will be possible for you to play the game when you are walking in a park or garden. Pokemon Go is such an interesting game that players of any age can play.

Niantic is successful enough to set a perfect example for other games. So how they need to deal with and look up at the issues with adversity and use strategic marketing wisely.

One thing is sure that all the players are happy and excited. Because the game has increased all the limits so that the players can play the game during the lockdown days.

Without their excellent marketing strategy and brilliant plans, the game could have failed. But instead, Niantic finds a way to reach new heights and break the revenue record for this year. 


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