Genshin Impact Phishing Scam: Community Reports Illegal Tricks In The Game

We are sure that you all must have heard of the recent announcements that were all about a miHoYo data leak. You must have to consider a fact that the data leak can possibly be a Phishing Scam as per the reports by the Genshin Impact players community.

It is essential for you to know that the user Veritasibility did report earlier in the Reddit post about another user who was trying to help the users protect their accounts from an alleged miHoYo leak.

All of this has come to his attention recently although the alleged leak was fabricated and that is, of course, for the Genshin Impact players. 

How is the Phishing Scam taking place in Genshin Impact?

Phishing, as you all know is a practice where a user will be sending out information that may seem like the information is reputable or trying to help you.

But in reality, they are just trying to trick innocent people into revealing their personal information that they can use to scam you or other people. Now, you must be wondering about how this is taking place in the Genshin Impact game amongst the players. 

Well, you must know that scammers did create some websites in order to trick the Genshin Impact players. These websites that the scammer did announce will be for the players of the Genshin Impact game to check whether their miHoYo accounts have been compromised or not.

As a part of the announcements, the scammers did inform every Genshin Impact player that there has been a leak from miHoYo’s servers. There are a lot of players who did mention having read the announcement of the leak happening from miHoYo’s servers.

The scammer also did claim to have obtained over 150K Genshin Impact accounts due to the leaked announcement.

It was very easy for the Genshin Impact players to fall into the trap as the only thing that they will have to do is log into their website and check if their miHoYo account was on the file or not. 

But you must know that there was only a part of the file that you can be able to see on the website that the scammers did announce. So if you are fast enough and have an active mind while you are going through the leaked file then you will notice that the User IDs in the screenshot will have 8 digits.

That is the main problem that you will have to notice when you are going through the leaked file. You must know that the UIDs in the Genshin Impact have 9 digits. It will mean that the leaks that have been uploaded on the website were fake.

It is sure that the users begin to look more closely into the UIDs with these claims. You will be surprised to know what the users found and that was the detailing hacking tools and other users’ Genshin Impact account information.

We recommend all the Genshin Impact users that if you have visited any kind of website that we did mention here then you should definitely change your account information such as Passwords in order to protect your account information.

So that it will be possible for the Genshin Impact to protect their personal information and prevent any kind of scamming situations that may or may not happen in the near future. 

How To Protect Your Account In Genshin Impact?

One thing is sure that it will be possible for the Genshin Impact players to protect their account from the scammers. For the users who do not have any idea on how they can be able to protect their accounts, u/Veritasibility did note some good practices.

You must know that it is not a data breach on the miHoYo’s website. That will mean if you have not visited or entered your login information anywhere on the website then you will definitely stay unaffected by it. 

However, if one of your accounts from other websites or games have been compromised or one of your accounts have been included in the data breach, then it will be possible for hackers to use your credentials to hack into your Genshin Impact account.

But that will only be possible if you are using the same email/username and password currently. That is basically what you can call as Credential Stuffing.

But you do not have to worry about it at all as we are going to provide you some of the important and helpful tips that will help you to make your Genshin Impact account less vulnerable to Credential Stuffing. 

Let us now have a look at some of the tips that will help to protect your Genshin Impact accounts from hackers and scammers doing Credential Stuffing.

  • It will be beneficial for any and every Genshin Impact player who thinks that they can be the victim of hackers to check some reputed websites.
  • Yes, you can use a reputed website like the Have I Been Pwned website where you can be able to check whether any of your e-mail addresses have been compromised or they are all secure.
  • If you find that any of your e-mail addresses are compromised then you need to make sure to change your password for every account.
  • It will be essential for you to change the passwords for all websites/games/services where you have logged in using the e-mail address that has been compromised. 
  • Also, you can set a strong and unique password for the Genshin Impact account. But it will be better if you can change the passwords for all websites/games/services. 
  • You can also opt for a Password Manager which as most people believe to be one of the best practices for general account security.

We hope that all of your accounts will be protected and secured, especially your Genshin Impact game account so that you can play it without any worries. 


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