Pokemon Go Hidden Gems Team Rocket Takeover June 2023 Event Details

Pokemon Go Hidden Gems Team Rocket Takeover June 2023 Event Details:

Trainers all over the world are getting ready for the second part of the Solstice Horizons event, which will begin soon with the arrival of Team GO Rocket.

Team GO Rocket Takeover will be back in a new version, and this time Giovanni will bring a powerful Shadow Regirock with him.

At the end of the Shadow Horizons event, the Team Rocket Takeover event will take place. This guide goes over the times, prizes, and new Shadow Pokémon that will show up in Pokémon Go’s Team Rocket Takeover event in June 2023.

Pokémon GO antagonists Team Rocket is back with Shadow Pokémon that are very strong. There are a few low-level bad guys, some leaders, and Giovanni, who is the main boss. Even though the grunts aren’t much of a threat, it’s hard to beat the leaders as well as the main boss.

The following Team Rocket Takeover occasion for Pokémon Go has been planned. It will happen at the beginning of the Season of Hidden Gems, and players will be able to go after a new group of Shadow Pokémon as well as a fresh legendary Shadow Pokémon.

Dates Of The Pokémon Go Team Rocket Takeover Event In June 2023:

The Team Rocket Takeover occasion for June 2023 has been announced to happen from June 21 to June 25, 2023. Players will only have a short amount of time to play the mobile game, take part, and get the Special Research ticket.

With the Special Research ticket, players can fight against Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. He has caught Regirock, a legendary Shadow Pokémon that has come back.

Each 12 Km Of Eggs Will Hatch During The Event:

In Pokémon GO, getting a 12-kilometer egg is a little harder than getting the other types. This is because Team GO Rocket Leaders only drop stranger or red spot eggs after they have been killed.

Trainers are sure to have an a few of these eggs because they will have to beat at least 3 of them in order to meet Giovanni throughout the upcoming event.

Here are the 12 km egg hatches that will be in use during the Team GO Rocket Takeover in June 2023.

Pokémon Shiny Variant
Sandile None
Scraggy None
Skrelp None
Salandit None
Pawniard Available
Vullaby Available
Deino Available
Pancham Available
Inkay Available
Larvitar Available
Absol Available
Skorupi Available

As was already said, the future event is the first time that the shiny version of Pancham will show up in the famous AR game. Then, players can do the same thing alongside 50 Candy to acquire a Shiny Pangoro.

For Every Event Bonus You Get:

There just a few good things that will happen because of this event. But these perks make it easier to finish the Special Research pass in Pokémon Go and find Giovanni.

Any Shadow Pokémon can also have its Frustration move taken away. throughout the Team Rocket Takeover event in June 2023, players will get all of these prizes.

The Frustration Charged Move of a Shadow Pokémon can be taken away with a Charged TM. Grunts from Team Rocket will show up at PokeStops as well as Balloons more often.

By beating Giovanni, players will have a chance to catch Shadow Regirock. In Pokémon GO, it’s hard to find the boss of Team GO Rocket, but players can take part in the latest Special Research story to get a Super Rocket Radar that will help them find Giovanni.

In order to do this, they have to beat up a few Team GO Rocket Grunts and then three Team GO Rocket Leaders. The Special Research story will remain available until the conclusion of the current season, which is upon September 1, 2023, at 10 a.m. local time.

Trainers will be able to catch Shadow Pokémon the same way they always have: by beating up Team GO Rocket Grunts as well as Leaders. Shiny Shadow Pokémon could also meet them. In the initial release, there was also a list of new Shadow Pokémon.

Research Tasks In The Field:

The prize for the Field Research job in the Pokémon GO Team Rocket Takeover occasion is a Mysterious Component. Even though this is a fresh Field Research Task, players remain able to complete the task that is only available during Solstice. Both of them can be done at the same time.

Field Research Task Reward
Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts Mysterious Component×1


Egg Hatches:

Several leaders of Team Rocket will have red twelve-kilometer eggs that they will drop as a gift for being defeated. For the Team Rocket Takeover event in June 2023, these eggs will hatch into different Pokémon that you can catch as well as add to your collection. For the event, all of these Pokémon will show up in red eggs within Pokémon Go.


Shiny Panchams can be found for the initial time within Pokémon GO. It can also be hatched from twelve kilometers of Eggs. Only 50 Candy are needed to turn a Pancham into a strong Pangoro. So that players can get a Shiny Pangoro and grow a powerful Shiny Pancham.


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