How To Finish The Mayam Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Mayam Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Mayam Shrine, which is sometimes misspelt to be “Mayan Shrine” within Tears of the Kingdom, can only be reached after the Shrine Quest is done. In particular, travelers have to remove “The North Hyrule Sky Crystal” to be able to open the Shrine and get the benefits it has to offer.

As you might guess, the quest has you get a crystal and bring it back to where the Shrine is. But this task at Mayam Shrine is considerably harder because you have to take the rock over a longer distance.

The Mayam Shrine is a single of the few Shrines on the Sky map within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Mayam Shrine, like all other Shrines in the Sky, is hard to get to.

The best thing regarding the Mayam Shrine is the fact that it doesn’t have any puzzles inside, so you can get your prizes right away. But first, you have to find a lost crystal and bring it back to the Shrine, just like you had to do with the Ikatak Shrine.

The Mayam Shrine serves as a shrine quest that you’ll find while wandering the Sky Island regions of Hyrule. To finish it, you’ll have to fight a mini-boss and go between Sky Islands.

The Mayam Shrine Is Located At:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Mayam Shrine is on a small island within the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago that looks like a cross. This island is near the top of the area.

To get to this Shrine, you’ll need to locate the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, which is beyond the Great Hyrule Forest, and use it to launch into the air. To fix the tower, you’ll need to take off the Zonai block on top.

Once you’ve done all of this and you’re in the air, turn around and you’ll see a small group of Sky Islands that you can glide to. Here you’ll discover the Shrine and a place to get more Zonai Devices from a Zonai Dispenser.

How To Finish Building The Mayam Shrine:

The emerald-colored crystal of Mayam Shrine within The One Ring is not only on an alternate island, but it is also connected to a Flux Construct.

Link can get to the big floating arena by using the rocket on the exact same island that houses the Shrine. There, you’ll face the Guardian of North Hyrule Sky Archipelago Flux Construct I.

If you’ve already fought a Flux Construct, this huge machine monster shouldn’t be too hard to take down. But if this is your initial attempt, remember to always hit the block that is different from the others.

The block ought to have a green glow, unlike the dark stone blocks that make up the body of the Construct. Once you have beaten the enemy, you can get the crystal.

Most people will find it easier to beat Flux Construct I during “The North Hyrule Sky Crystal” part of the Shrine Quest. Getting the crystal back to the Mayam Shrine throughout the open sky is the hardest part.

If You Want The Rockets Then Go To The North End Of The Building Island:

On the north end of the building island, you will find everything you need. You’ll find a stage and a lot of Rockets in this area to help you get return to the Shrine.

But in TotK, it’s harder than it sounds to figure out how to put together a good flying car to take back to the Mayam Shrine. We suggest that you use any extra Fans as well as Steering Sticks that exist to make the car easier to drive.

You are able to float to the island first if your device doesn’t make it to your goal. When Link gets there, he may employ his Ultrahand to propel the car or gem onto solid ground.

Lastly, within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, take the crystal to Mayam Shrine to finish “The North Hyrule Sky Crystal.” Open the Shrine to get to Rauru’s Blessing, where you’ll discover a Treasure Chest that has a Magic Rod inside.

When you finish the area, you’ll get a Light of Blessing as a reward. Watch ZaFrostPet’s gaming if you want a video breakdown of this Shrine guide.


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