PlayStation Leak Unveils PS4 Apps Are Getting PS5 Upgrade

Now, it will be possible for the PlayStation 5 users to gain the ability to edit the next-gene gameplay, All the PlayStation 5 users can be able to create and make memorable moments with clips without compromising the quality of the game.

All the credit and thanks go to the new and amazing app, the new Share Factory Studio. As per the reports from a new listing that did appear within the PlayStation Store, we all know that it is now possible to edit and create clips.

It is essential for you to know that with the help of the new amazing app, you can be able to have a new way of enjoying the games that you are playing on the PlayStation 5.

There are so many users who believe that the new Share Factory App is nothing but the next-gen version of the SHAREfactory app that you can find currently on the PlayStation 4.

The current app version will be able to let the PlayStation 4 users record the gameplay with some different effects such as including music as well as text along with other customizations.

But you must keep in mind that there is no official announcement about the Share Factory Studio app.

All the PlayStation users must know that the current listing of the app has already managed to get noticed. You need to know that the ResetEra User Toumari was the PlayStation user to share the screenshot of the Share Factory Studio app.

In the screenshot that Toumari did share, you can see the label of PS5 under the app. So that will directly mean that the app will be available to use for all the players in the next-gen console, PlayStation 5. Most PlayStation users are eagerly waiting to use the new Share Factory App in the console. 


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