PlayStation Launches Video Featuring 1-Second From Every Game That Defined The PS4 Console

You will be happy to know that PlayStation did manage recently to release a delightful and amazing video this week.

The video that the PlayStation did launch will be claiming to feature one second from nearly each and every single video game that did help in defining the PlayStation 4 gaming console. 

There are so many fans and gamers who can assure you that the new video release of the games that did definite PS4 is indeed amazing and a must-watch for all. If we talk about it more specifically then you need to know that it was PlayStation UK that did manage to create the latest video of four fantastic minutes.

As you will watch the 4-minute footage, you will be able to see yourself that there is a number of single video games that are included in the video.

Most of the games that are included in the video are truly amazing and exciting to play for a long time. Of course, the viewers will find all the usual suspects in the new video.

It is sure that you will see some of your favorite games as the footage is featuring one second of every game that defines the PlayStation 4. The players will find it easy to notice the glimpses of God Of War along with The Last of Us Part II together.

There are some other games that may go unnoticed as they are having less impact on the viewers. While some part of the video only contains certain dialogues from the games.

But you may find some interesting games like Persona 5, Danganrompa, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. You need to watch the video that PlayStation did release recently if you want to know about the games that helped to define the PlayStation 4. 


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