Due to some technical reason, Pinnacle station DLC excluded from the game ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition.’

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Due to some technical reason, Pinnacle station DLC was excluded from the game ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition.’

Announced in November 2020, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to release on 14th May. Inside, players will find the Commander Shepard Trilogy and 40 DLCs, ranging from story-based content to bonus item packs.

However, at least one DLC will be missing within Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The latter is called Pinnacle Station and is related to Mass Effect first of the name. Originally developed by Demiurge Studios, this content had already been the center of attention when Mass Effect arrived on PS3 in 2012.

The DLC was already missing by this release, and BioWare admitted that the source code was corrupted and fixed. For future remasters, the development team has tried everything to find the source code partially and various other pieces to reconstruct it.

In an interview with Game Informer, Mac Walters, director of the project, said that the restoration attempt had been an “emotional roller coaster.” BioWare has indeed succeeded in contacting Demiurge and several other developers and in recovering the original DLC files. Unfortunately, the latter was, as they were nine years ago, corrupt..

“It would take us basically a whole six months to do that with most of the team that we have. I wish we could do that, honestly, just because (Mass Effect Legendary Edition) is supposed to bring everything together to provide all of the solo content. Having to leave that aside was heartbreaking.”

If you weren’t able to enjoy Pinnacle Station at the time, this is additional skill development content. Taking place on a station, it offered 13 combat missions to earn skill points, all in a new location. The set was quite secondary and did not add anything specific to the game’s history, but its absence is obviously regrettable. Stay tuned for the next update.


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