Oppo Wiki – Brief Details Oppo Mobile Company

Oppo or Oppo Electronics Company is a Chinese consumer electronics company. This is a company that focuses mostly on Blu ray players, smartphones and other types of electronics. Oppo was the topmost smartphone manufacturer in China in 2016. And was No. 4 on a global basis. It was founded way back in 2001. And thus the company is operational for almost 17 years now. Oppo was registered globally in the year 2004. It is the subsidiary company of BBK Electronics. BBK Electronics also owns Vivo and Oneplus as well.

History Of Oppo

Being founded in 2004. And since registering its brand in 2004, Oppo became a global phenomenon. In 2016 after becoming the largest smartphone maker in China. It had sold its smartphones at 200,000 retail outlets in China.  

In 2017, it had won the rights to sponsor the India National Cricket team jersey, from the year 2017 to 2022. During this time, the Indian National Cricket Team will play a total of 259 matches. These 259 matches include the 2019 World Cup in England and 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia. Therefore, it will definitely act as a way of benefiting the reputation of the Oppo brand.

Milestones In The Smartphone Market 

Oppo has mainly been focusing on manufacturing more innovative camera phones in the last 10 years. And also improved upon the mobile photography segment as well. It was Oppo only that started the revolution of introducing better selfie cameras on the market. They have been pretty good at churning out phones with selfie cameras. These selfie cameras ranging from 5MP to 16MP and beyond.

It should also be kept in mind that, Oppo was the first brand to introduce motorized rotating cameras. Oppo also introduced the Ultra HD feature. And 5X camera zoom technology as well. As mentioned above, in 2017, Oppo was ranked in 4th position. This was in the Global Smartphone Manufacturer Rankings by IDC.

Oppo and Qualcomm also came together and built the R11 flagship image processor. This was optimized on the Snapdragon 660 chipset. The optimizations mainly included faster camera focus speeds. It also introduced better contrast in colors. And also the low light photography capabilities as well.

Developments Besides Making Smartphones

Apart from making smartphones, Oppo also manufacturers Blu-ray players. Headphones and amplifiers are also manufactured as well. The first Blu-ray player from Oppo was released back in 2010. Since then, Oppo has released numerous models of Blu-ray players. And thereby the breakthrough came in 2016 when they introduced a 4K/UHD Bluray player.

Coming to the series of headphones and desktop amplifiers released by them. Oppo released their first pair of headphones and desktop amplifiers in 2014. The headphones were named PM1 and PM2. The desktop amplifier was named as HA1. In 2015, Oppo released the HA2. It was the successor to the HA1. It also included a battery pack as well. So that you can easily use it with your Android or iOS device as well. It also included a fast charging kit as well. Finally, in 2016 Oppo released the HA2SE. This was the successor to the HA2. It also had eerily similar specifications to the HA2 as well.


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