Bitcoin Prices Has Been Slashed But Binance Sees Increased User Registrations

It was on May 12th, during a fireside chat with the founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zha, it was revealed that the platform – which is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world – is seeing spikes in user registrations as of the recent date & time.

Binance Sees Increased User Registrations

It was noted by Zhao that such new user registrations similarly reached their peak back in the year 2017 when the prices of Bitcoin were constantly on the rise. He was also of the opinion that the new user registrations are aggressively rising and is getting close to the numbers that the platform generated in the year 2018.

Aggressive Increase In New User Registrations

The CEO of Binance happens to also mention that the platform’s support department is similarly receiving high volumes of requests-of-late, which denoted that activity level is high among casual or new users. Some of these requests include new users depositing into wrong addresses or old users who are trying to reset their passwords after long periods of inactiveness.

Zhao said that all of these actions in huge numbers are very clear to denote that the activity level is indeed higher when compared to what was three or four months ago.

Opinion Of The CEO Of Binance US

Binance has launched just eight months ago in the US and therefore to add to the progress of the platform, the CEO namely Catherine Coley also decided to put forward her relevant opinions as well.

It was emphasized by Coley that she is seeing the beginning of the Binance platform in the US territory and therefore stated that the US counterpart of the cryptocurrency platform has got all the fundamentals in the right place now – and it’s only a matter of time that they’re able to build on the technology that Binance provides all around the world. The platform already provides users with some of the easiest methods to buy cryptocurrency, in the first place.

Rules & Regulations For Binance US

Catherine Coley again puts forward the ambitions that the company has set to achieve in the upcoming years. She said that the main criteria Binance US is focusing more now are to educate people and users in the best possible manner. Once they’ll overcome that target, it’ll be time to lower the transaction fees so that it can help in lowering the barrier of entry for the
common Americans – who want to use the platform for cryptocurrency. As of the current date, Binance US is still at its early stages when it comes to providing products and services to its users, which is slowly changing with time.

The main problem that the platform is facing, according to Zhao, is the various regulatory compliances that the company needs to go through to be finally able to get the license to operate in the country. However, he believes that the platform will eventually reach its destination and will continue to enrich the product. On May 11, the platform had launched its over the counter trading services.


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