OnePlus CEO hints at universal flash storage in OnePlus 5

Are you one of those who was disappointed after finding out that OnePlus 5 is going to be an iPhone lookalike? If yes, then may be you should change your mind, because it seems that from the inside this particular smartphone is going to be a lot smarter than any other device – including iPhones released till date. We’ve recently come to know something big about this one, something that’s very exciting.

As you may know if you’re a OnePlus fan, the company has a tradition of building momentum for its upcoming product launches by teasing the public with information related to product itself. Same strategy is being applied to OnePlus 5 as well, and as a result we’re learning more and more about the exciting features of this device with every new leak. The first leak in that series was a rear-image of device, which was revealed along with launch date. Now company’s CEO has once again taken to Weibo with some more details about this highly anticipated device. The difference is that this time he didn’t talk about the camera of device – this time it was about Universal Flash Storage, aka UFS.

OnePlus 5 to come with UFS

That’s right – OnePlus 5 is probably going to ditch the current standard eMMC storage technology in favor of UFS technology, which will lead to massive advantages in almost all areas. For example:

  • Read and write speeds will be much higher;
  • Simultaneous reads and writes will be possible;
  • Loading times for data will be much lower;
  • Saving large files (i.e. 4K videos) will be significantly faster;
  • And much more than that.

The adoption of a better storage technology will lead to many significant advantages in terms of overall smartphone experience. And while Lau has not confirmed exactly that OnePlus 5 is going to come with this thing, it’s actually a pretty strong hint that he has dropped. Would he be posting about anything else during the week of a flagship launch? Certainly not, especially when entire OnePlus team is posting content related to OnePlus 5 only.

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So if it really comes out with this great new storage technology, would it be fair to ditch it only because of exteriors? I don’t think so. Therefore, may be you should change your mind and give it some serious thought. Do let us know what you think in the comments.


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