OnePlus releases DSLR like camera sample captured by OnePlus 5


They did it again. As launch date of OnePlus 5 is approaching, its maker doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to proudly boast about its camera capabilities. After tweeting about “Dual Camera. Clearer Pictures” now OnePlus has gone forward to release a sample image captured with the device. The image shows a boy standing in the middle of water with some boats behind him. You can see the image below:

OnePlus releases DSLR like camera sample captured by OnePlus 5
OnePlus releases DSLR like camera sample captured by OnePlus 5

As you can see, it’s a black and white image with blurred background and shallow depth of field. Subject (the boy) is in sharp focus while background is blurred, which makes it similar to pics captured with a DSLR. However, similar bokeh effect can also be obtained from dual rear camera of iPhone 7 Plus with help of its clever image processing algorithms. Same can be expected from Google too, as it can provide such results with power of its computational photography algorithms.

However, it must be said that if smartphone cameras get so powerful at providing such images, it can result in some serious loss of business for DSLR makers.

This is not the first time when company has done something to promote the powerful camera of OnePlus 5. Other recent steps include:

  • A ‘Shot on OnePlus’ competition;
  • Another sample image captured in low light (you can see it below).
OnePlus 5 camera sample
OnePlus 5 camera sample

OnePlus has done pretty much everything to make this dual camera powerful. As we told you in one of our earlier posts, the company has also partnered with DxOMark to improve the functionality of its camera. Therefore, it’ll certainly be interesting to see the camera capabilities of this powerful upcoming smartphone. We hope that once available in real world it’ll live up to those expectations that are being built by its parent company.

The smartphone is coming on June 20, and to India on June 22. Whatever secrets are remaining will be cleared by then.

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