Nokia is going to increase the prices for upcoming Nokia 3310

Nokia is the brand which was founded in 1865 in Finland and also Nokia is one of the top brands that are much more familiar in India than its birthplace. Nokia is also the most trusted mobile phones brand in India. It had given many mobile phones to the world which were having a special quality that was that those were having rock solid build quality. Also when Nokia launched its first camera phone, so that phone also has a better class in terms of camera quality than any other mobile phone brands. And we all know that Nokia had been disappearing for some time that made its users very disappointed and for this Nokia comes back with its new smartphones that are Nokia 6 but apart from that Nokia is also going to launch its rock solid mobile phone from 20th century that is the Nokia 3310 which was the flagship model of its time.most of the people are already aware of the comeback of Nokia 3310 with a new design. So today we are gonna talk about the reports and news we got for the Nokia 3310.

First of all, nokia has confirmed that this device will be launched in India in the month of June and the price of this smartphone is becoming a big issue now as there are some humor that Nokia will increase the price of this upcoming model. As we all know Nokia had announced that this device will be costing around Rs. 4,000 and for now there can be an increase in the prices of this device. Is may be possible that these price raise for the new Nokia 3310 will be because of the high tax imposed in the countries like Europe in which Nokia is going to start the sale for this device from next week.

There is some specification also that are enclosed by Nokia that this device will be having a 2.4-inch display and 2MP rear camera and also this handset will support micro SD card and for the lovers of the snake game in the old Nokia 3310, there will be an upgraded version of that game too.


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