major changes made by WhatsApp for iphone users

Whatsapp is an instant messaging application which is especially design for having a complete interaction with everyone who wants. Whatsapp is one of the top listed application that has huge numbers of users overs billions of people. Also, whatsapp is so successful because it never made its users disappointed and always provide updates quickly as the wants of the users. As we all know WhatsApp is providing new features day by day with its new updates. So today we have something very special for iPhone user and that is the new update of WhatsApp which is going to offer a complete voice command control on the WhatsApp messenger. We all are very familiar with SIRI. Siri is basically a voice assistant for apple users by which they can perform most of their activities by their voice commands.

So WhatsApp kept that voice assistant in mind and made use of that in it also. So now which the new update of WhatsApp that will be WhatsApp v2.17.2. There will be four major changes in the new WhatsApp which are specially design for iPhones and these are:

First of all, there is a minor change in the looks of the new WhatsApp especially when we move on to the group info, call tabs and contact info screen.

Second, there is an option for select multiple statuses and send them to multiple contacts. But again this new feature is for iPhone users only.

Third, this new WhatsApp update will be having a new language which is the Persian language.

And the last but not the least is that you can do almost all your work on WhatsApp just by giving your voice command to the voice assistant SIRI. You can write message and send them, you can make replies, you can call, you can see the information of the conversation and much more.

So ultimately iPhone users can operate their WhatsApp account with their voice assistant.


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