Nioh 2: PC gamers complain about performance issues

nioh 2

Nioh 2 has just landed on PS5 and on PC, a platform where it is registering problems such as drops in the frame rate. Of the 4,000 reviews, more than 1,300 have been negative.

Nioh 2 just debuted on PlayStation 5 – where it enjoys virtually non – existent loading screens – and on PC via Steam. However, computer players are not enjoying the same experience as console players:

Team Ninja’s game already has 4,000 reviews; more than 1,300 have been negative. The reason? Although users have applauded the study’s proposal, they also point out that it needs to improve its performance and optimization on this platform.

Nioh 2 with problems on Steam

If we go to the Steam page dedicated to the Nioh 2 video game, we can see that at the moment, the title has mostly positive reviews.

However, a significant number of the comments that players have made seek to point out some of the technical problems they have encountered in this title. The complaints mostly revolve around frame rate issues.

” Great game! It is not perfectly optimized, but it is a good game. If you are using an Nvidia graphics card, you have to configure it with LOW settings since the game crashes a lot if it is on a high.

Very difficult, but great”, wrote a user on a positive review, where it alludes to technical problems. “If you liked the first Nioh, this is for you!” Another player added the following:

” Basically, Nioh 2 is a good game, but at the moment, I cannot recommend it. I played it for a long time on PS4, and it was perfect. The PC version is reckless. (…) Especially a game like Nioh shouldn’t have fps drops. I have an i9 9900k, a 1080ti, 16GB of RAM, and all on an SSD, and I still have dropped to 1080p. “

Gamers mostly complain about fps drops.” Many people seem to have fps drop problems. Reducing the quality of the effects seems to solve this problem for many, but not for all. Personally, I do not have this problem.

Still, it is something that must be taken into account “, pointed another player, summarizing in his comment the current situation of the game on PC. ” Keyboard + Mouse compatibility has two big problems.

First, the locked camera is basically unusable – moving your mouse sideways changes your locked target, and you’ll do it by accident the entire time while fighting.

Second, the game does not display prompt icons with kb + m keys, only Xbox or PS controller icons. It supports the key combination for most actions, at least. “

Players expect Team Ninja to fix these issues.

“The game is better than 1, is God,” held another player. “But it is very poorly optimized. These things cannot happen, and we have to do what we can.

I will recommend it when they fix it.” The general feeling for players who have experienced technical problems is precisely that: they are waiting for Team Ninja to echo these problems and prepare an update or patch that addresses these errors.

We remind you that Nioh 2, which debuted on PS4 on March 13, 2020, is now available on PS5 and PC. “Nioh returns with a second installment that risks very little but improves, polishes, and expands its fantastic formula to offer us an adventure as memorable as it is challenging,” we wrote in our review.

 Among the improvements offered by the computer, the version includes support for HDR monitors or the ability to play both 60 and 120 images per second.


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