Steam breaks its own record by registering 26.4 million players


Steam continues to enjoy great numbers:

After having broken its own record, gathering 25,415,080 simultaneous players last January, the Valve platform opened the doors this weekend to a peak of 26,401,443 million users, who were connected to this service at the same time.

This figure should not be confused with the players involved in a game, which was 7.3 million people. The number of players within a title had fallen from the 8.1 million in-game players registered at the end of last March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began to leave behind the beginning of the most restrictive measures in countries like Spain and other parts of the world.

Steam: New peak of players connected to its platform

As shown from the SteamDB log, the most recent record for Steam users now stands at 26,401,443 million players. The top five games on the Valve platform at that time, by many users, were:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and Tale of Immortal, a Chinese role-playing game that has managed to surpass other popular titles like GTA 5 or Rust.

Although this weekend, the holidays have begun on the Chinese Lunar New Year occasion, which could have led to this increase in the number of connected users, the truth is that the figures registered by Steam have been increasing over the years.

Last months. The coronavirus pandemic, the change in work routines, and the restrictive measures promoted by governments have caused us to spend more time at home. That part of the population opts for video games to entertain themselves.

Steam figures continue to rise, while games like CS: GO or PUBG is the most popular.

“Although Steam was already experiencing significant growth in 2020 before the COVID-19 lockdowns, time spent playing video games increased as people started staying home, dramatically increasing the number of customers who bought and played video games. ”

Valve stated in its 2020 report. Speaking of the Lunar New Year, it seems that the February 11 rip off markdowns serve to commemorate this celebration, but the company does not confirm the date.


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