Nine-year-old founds nonprofit tech literacy program for kids

9-year old, Zion Horton-Nelson, starts nonprofit tech literacy program to teach Coding, Robotics, and Programming & Engineering to kids between the ages of 7 and 12

Zion Horton-Nelson is a 9-year old that is looking to make history by impacting not only the lives of other young, talented, and creative kids, but the society as a whole. Founding Codebotics Boston, Zion aims to help kids in his community to learn the art of Coding, Robotics, Programming, and Engineering, with a wide range of classes and events designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 12.

Kids have often been regarded as the “leaders of tomorrow” and as it has become apparent that the future is today, it has become imperative for children to be taught subjects and topics that will not only be useful to them but also to the community as a whole in the present and the future. Information Technology has seemingly taken the world and kids need to get the right headstart to ensure that they make the impact they desire and this is where Zion Horton-Nelson and the newly founded Codebotics are looking to make a difference.

Inspired by his love for science, math, and technology, Zion founded the Codebotics program for inner-city children age 7-12 in Boston. The program is particularly designed for kids in his community who are of an underrepresented demographic of minority children and cannot afford tech summer camps and programs. Consequently, Zion is ensuring that such kids are not deprived of the opportunity of realizing their dreams or staying idle due to their parent’s financial incapability.

With interesting, fun, yet educative classes like Beginners Afterschool Program in Dorchester and Free Jr. Tech Workshops in Boston, Zion is not only bringing the future to the present but taking the narrative of education to a whole new level by adopting the “catch them young” concept.

With the mission statement “An urban tech literacy program empowering young learners to inspire a colorful world of Innovation,” the goal of Zion and his team at Codebotics are evident and one can only appreciate and support this laudable cause.

Codebotics also organizes fundraising campaigns such as Codebotics Fundraiser & Sponsorship to help raise funds for the project.

More information about Codebotics and the events organized by the organization can be found on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Codebotics

Codebotics is a nonprofit program developed by Zion Horton-Nelson, a 5th-grade scholar at OLPH Mission Grammar School and resident of Dorchester.

Media Contact

Codebotics Boston

Shantelle Horton [email protected] (contact person)

Zion Horton-Nelson [email protected] (Founder)

Boston Massachusetts USA


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